Anime AI Website And Telegram Bot That Turn Yourself Into An Anime

Anime AI Website And Telegram Bot That Turn Yourself Into An Anime

Tencent’s Different Dimension Me, this is the Anime AI Website And Telegram Bot That Turn Yourself Into An Anime. This site has grown rapidly in popularity over the past week, mainly AI is used as a tool to generate new profile pictures. But this seemingly harmless AI bot has a dark side racial bias. Complexion users have found that it not only brightens their skin tone, but in some cases transforms it from the animals. Use it to create anime images of yourself and other people and characters.

You will find many blog posts on Google, in which it is said that these 5-6 sites will convert your picture into anime. But definitely I can say that this site is better than other AI sites.

This is a Chinese website so try it now at your own risk.

How To Use Anime AI Website (Different Dimension Me)

  1. First of all launch the web browser.
  2. Click the button on the homepage of the website.
  3. Select “我也要玩“ (which means “I want to play too”).
  4. Click on button, A popup will appear in front of you. Click that too and upload your photo (vertical photos are recommended for ideal results).
  5. Upload a photo and AI will start processing the image. This process runs for about 10 seconds. The results are shown in the music video, where you can compare the given photo with the AI-generated animated character.
  6. To save the result, take a screenshot of the image or click the bottom left button when the result appears (only if you have a Tencent QQ account).

How To Use Anime AI Telegram Bot On Android?

  1. Open Your Telegram app on mobile.
  2. Search qq_2d_ai_bot by clicking on Telegram’s search icon or click here.
  3. Open the Bot And click on /start button and bot will send you welcome message.
  4. Now select image from gallery and send it to bot. Processing will start… it may take time.
  5. Now save image into your gallery.

How To Use Anime AI Telegram Bot On Desktop?

  1. Open Telegram app on your desktop.
  2. Search for qq_2d_ai_bot or click here.
  3. Bot will send you welcome message.How To Use Picture To Anime Converter Telegram Bot
  4. Now send your photo. Processing will start… it may take time.Telegram Bot Image, Picture To Anime Converter
  5. Bot will generate photo in 30 seconds.Picture To Anime Converter Telegram Bot
  6. Save image into your gallery.

Other Anime AI Telegram Bot

Main Bot :

Second Bot :

Third Bot :

Some Result Of AI Converted Image


Recently, some people have complained that the website is server down. Also, the AI generator seems to be made for mobile devices and may not work on all URLs.

If you see the message “The event is too hot, please try again later.“, your Dimension Me servers may be overloaded. This problem persists until the website’s server load is reduced and stops refreshing the website regularly to display another dimension.

With many concurrent users using the website at the same time, the website uses a lot of bandwidth and server resources. Due to which it gets down for some time.

If you get the message “Face not recognized“, you need to upload a new photo. In this case, you can replace the existing photo. This is because the face is not visible in the current photo.

The “Service is being upgraded. Please come back later” message indicates that maintenance is in progress. Additionally, the team at Different Dimension Me is updating the system to improve scalability, flexibility, and the aforementioned bias issues.

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