BGMI Unban Date: Royale Pass M15 locked, BGMI 2.2 Update

BGMI Unban Date: Royale Pass M15 locked, BGMI 2.2 Update

BGMI Unban Date: BGMI 2.2 Update, Royale Pass M15 locked: BGMI 2.2 Update It is still unclear when the purchase of M15 Royale Pass will end: The final cycle of Battlegrounds Mobile India has successfully ended a few days ago. However, to my surprise and dismay, gamers were left behind when the rankings returned after the same season. The community was even more shocked to learn that the same version would continue for at least two more versions. With continued development, the prospect of a new Royal Pass is near. Hence, there are frequently asked questions in everyone’s mind regarding BGMI Unban Date. Here’s what you need to know about the BGMI M15 Royale Pass issues. For future updates on Battlegrounds Mobile India, follow

BGMI 2.2 Update:

Krafton introduced version 2.2 for PUBG Mobile on September 15, introducing the new map NUSA and lots of new content for a global audience. However, with the ongoing conflict with the Indian government, BGMI players are still unaware of the latest features. Popular BGMI content creator ClassifiedsYT predicted it a while back when fans were unsure of its possible return. As a result, the players spent the next two months spending a single season.

BGMI Unban Date: Royale Pass M15 locked, BGMI 2.2 Update
BGMI Unban Date: Royale Pass M15 locked, BGMI 2.2 Update (Image via Classified YT)

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Gamers shared their frustrations on the Internet while Krafton tackled the problem. The statement read:

“Dear BGMI India fans, we have identified an issue where this part is C3S7, while it will be displayed as C3S8. Please note that the new season C3S8 has begun normally, and it’s just Typo. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

BGMI Unban Date:

So apparently Krafton is covering up the problem. This comment left gamers extremely sad when they had to search for similar items in the game for the next two months. Meanwhile, players are still a bit optimistic about its return. However, no incident has happened so far. In such a situation, the players will have to wait for at least two more months. Krafton is looking forward to reintroducing the BGMI soon. For future updates on BGMI sharing dates, stay tuned with us

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