Love You Seven Times (Chinese Drama)

Love You Seven Times (Chinese Drama)

Love You Seven Times is a historic immortal romantic comedy drama directed by Li Nan, led by Ryan Ding Yuxi and Yang Chaoyue, starring Yang Haoyu, Dong Xuan, Hai Lu, Chen Guolin, Yu Bo, and He Wenjun.

The drama is based on the mythical novel “Yi Shi Chong Dong, Qi Shi Bu Xiang”. A fun love story between Chu Kong and Xiao Xiangzi.

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Chinese Drama TitleLove You Seven Times
Original Name七时吉祥 / Qi Shi Ji Xiang
Also Known AsThe Seventh Generation
DirectorLi Nan
Available OniQIYI
Original LanguageMandarin
Release date2023
GenresFantasy, Historical, Light Comedy, Romance, Xianxia
CastYang Chao Yue, Ding Yu Xi, Dong Xuan, A-Moon [ZERO-G],
Mydramalist Ratings🌟 /10

Love You Seven Times Cast


  • Yang Chaoyue as Xiang Yun
  • Ding Yuxi as Chu Kong


  • Yang Hao Yu
  • Dong Xuan
  • Hai Lu
  • Zheng Guo Lin

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What is ‘Love You Seven Times’ drama about?

The drama is based on xianxia’s novel “One Moment of Impulsiveness, Seven Lives of Unluckiness,” and tells the story of Xiang Yun, the moonlight fairy, and Chou Kong, a disciple of Mouri’s Star King. Sent to the human world by the Jade Emperor to experience seven lifetimes of love. Xiang Yun (played by Yang Chaoyue) was originally a cloud, but was later transformed into a fairy by the Moon God and entered the Moon God’s court. The fight between the two broke the red rope, causing a marital quarrel in the three worlds. Knowing this, the Jade Emperor punished the two who returned to heaven after falling in love seven times, and the story begins from there. The drama will air online on iQIYI‘s international website (

Where to watch Love You Seven Times?

The drama will be aired online on iQIYI international site (

What is Story of Love You Seven Times?

Xiang Yun a cloud spirit in heaven but was turned into a fairy by Yue Lao Pavilion and began working at ue Lao Dian. Chu Kong is a disciple of the Uri Xingjun constellation. He wandered into Erokaku and was treated as a villain. Chu Kong accidentally broke his Xiang Yun fan, causing the two to quarrel and accidentally ruin the red string, leading to the marriage of the three worlds. The Jade Emperor knew about the chaos, and his punishment for them was that they could not return to Heaven until their seven love lives were over, thus beginning their story.

Love You Seven Times (Chinese Drama) Official Trailer

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