One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers, leak, Reddit

One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers, leak, reddit

One Piece Chapter 1071 spoilers have been leaked, and if the spoiler turns out to be true, it could spell disaster for some of the characters.

One Piece Chapter 1071 will be released on January 7th, 2023 at 12am JST after a one week break.

Stay tuned with us, if we get any information related to the new chapter of One Piece, we will update it on this website.

One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers, Zoro vs Kaku, Garp vs Blackbeard

Credit to Fleet Leader Fenaker from the Raiden PirateKing forum. If Fenaker is providing false information related to One Piece Chapter 1071, PirateKing Forums will ban the user for two months. Radon wrote on the PirateKing thread:

WorstGen forum member Etenboby also confirmed the leak. He is trusted leaker who regularly provides information to Redon.

  • Zoro vs Kaku
  • Garp appeared , he is going to save Coby.
  • Kid and his Crew appeared and they are going to Elbaf.
  • Kuma appeared.
  • Break Next Week.
  • confirmed by redon
Chapter 1071 Spoilers
by u/NE_ED in OnePiece

If these spoilers are true, then in the upcoming chapter 1071, we will see another fight between Zoro vs Kaku. Coby was recently kidnapped by the Blackbeard Pirates. So Garp is going to save Coby, Garp may have to fight Blackbeard alone. if it happens, this earth-shaking event can happen in the coming times.

Zoro vs Kaku fight going be extremely short. so we don’t know if Kaku got knocked out or ran away. The possible arrival of Kuma will be very interesting.

If you have any questions about One Piece, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Stay tuned, For more content follow as on Twitter.

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