Please Send Me a Fan Letter KDrama 2022

Please Send Me a Fan Letter KDrama, Yoon Park x Sooyoung

Please Send Me a Fan Letter” is a romantic comedy about a top actress facing a big crisis over fan letters and a father who starts writing false replies to fan letters about his daughter with leukemia.

Sooyoung is an actress. She plays her father alongside Yoon Park (Love and Weather).


Korean Drama TitlePlease Send Me a Fan Letter
Original Name팬레터를 보내주세요
WriterPark Tae-Yang
Release Date26 November 2022
CastSooyoung, Yoon Park
GenreRomance, Comedy

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  • Sooyoung as Han Gang-Hee
  • Yoon Park as Bang Jung-Seok
  • Kang Da-Hyun as Ku Hye-Ri
  • Jeong In-Ji as Yoon A-Young
  • Kim Sang-Woo as Hun
  • Shin Yeon-Woo as Bang Yoo-Na

What is “Please Send Me a Fan Letter” Drama about?

Popular actress Han Gang-Hee (Sooyoung) faces the biggest crisis of her career due to fan mail. On the other hand, Bang Jung-Seok (Yoon Park) is a single father who has raised his daughter alone. His daughter is suffering from leukemia and she has a wish for her. Bang Jung-Seok is desperate to fulfill her daughter’s wish.

Please Send Me a Fan Letter Release Date?

Please Send Me a Fan Letter (Korean: 팬레터를 보내주세요) will release on MBC TV on 26 November 2022.

Please Send Me a Fan Letter 1st Teaser

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