PUBG Mobile 2.6 Beta Version: What’s new

PUBG Mobile 2.6 Beta Version: What’s new

PUBG Mobile 2.6 Beta Version: Ever since its release by Tencent Games a few years ago, PUBG Mobile has been bringing regular updates to the game so that when players log in, they feel like they have something new to explore in the game. On the other hand, those same updates are always preceded by beta versions and this time is no different. Read on to know more about the PUBG Mobile beta update 2.6 Version.

PUBG Mobile Beta Version 2.6 Update: New Dinosaur-themed mode

The upcoming PUBG Mobile 2.6 update, which is currently live on beta servers, will add a dinosaur-themed mode to the game with lots of dinosaur activities. Not only will this please the many Jurassic fans who will surely be playing PUBG Mobile, but others will also be delighted by the simple yet fun features of this mode. Without further ado, let’s get into the finer details.

Dino Settlements

A new game mode in PUBG Mobile will see the arrival of dinosaur settlements on the Erangel map. Every time you start a new game, three dinosaur settlements appear randomly on the map, and they’re there for more than just aesthetic reasons. The location will contain excellent loot, as well as exclusive weapons that can be obtained by unlocking certain items, which will reveal these items.

After many battles, the T-Rex, possibly the most iconic of all Jurassic creatures, will be born in a fossil dungeon in the colony. Players will be able to liven up their rounds by destroying this dungeon door. T. Rex can accommodate up to players and can also travel across all waters. However, it is important to note that you cannot cross the bridge.

Primal Zone

In addition to the three main colonies that likely contained the T-rex, there would also have been several areas where two other Jurassic animals, velociraptors and pterosaurs, would have been in the primal region, populating the entire ancient landscape. Like the T-Rex, you can also ride other dinosaurs, but they can only carry one player at a time.

You can take the pterosaur dinosaur through the sky like a glider, and it’s easier to control than a regular glider. Not only that, you can lift friends and enemy players into the air with the dinosaur’s claws.

Companion spectating mode

In this mode, players will be able to switch to their teammates’ perspectives (if available). They will be able to see the game from that partner’s perspective, and will also be able to perform exclusive partner emotes.

Full-auto mod attachment

For those who wanted to experience shooting two ARs (M16A and MK7-Mutant) in full auto mode at least once, the wait is over. Players will eventually be able to do this by equipping these weapons with the fully automatic mod add-on during matches. This would unlock the full potential of those guns and make them a more viable alternative to firearms.

Pubg Mobile Beta 2.6 Features

  • Dino Settlements
  • Primal Zone
  • Companion spectating mode
  • Full-auto mod attachment

PUBG Mobile 2.6 Beta Version Download [Apk+OBB]

Note: PUBG has been banned by the Government of India under Section 69A of the IT Act. Players are not allowed to play the game in India as the game is banned by the Government of India.

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