PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: After playing PUBG on a computer, it seems almost impossible to play it on a phone or tablet. But this is only at first glance. PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular apps. How to do this, you need to know what we will try to figure out today.

So, like any other game, PUBG Mobile starts with the settings. You can be sure that you know how to properly set up the game in our other article, where everything is described precisely and in detail. Now let’s look at the gameplay and what a novice player needs to know.

Tips for beginners and beyond

So, let’s look at the main tips given by professionals. It is worth listening to such people, if only because they have achieved good results. But no one is stopping you from changing something for yourself.

Use more than three fingers in the game.

PUBG three fingers
PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks: PUBG three fingers (Image via PUBG)

As you can see, this player has four fingers ready: the thumb and forefinger of each hand. The main reason is that you can shoot while walking, giving you a unique advantage over other players. Again, this lets the tablet or phone comfortably in your hands.

Fast Landing

PUBG fast landing
PUBG fast landing (Image via PUBG)

Take advantage from the very beginning, even if you are in the sky. Note the position of the joystick in the lower left corner. This technique is called quick landing. This action lets you reach a flight speed of 234 km/h, giving you some advantage in weapons and loot, while other players will only open their parachutes.

Always Move When Looting

You must have noticed that players often move from side to side in Pubg PC, which makes it difficult to hit them. The mobile version will give you even more significant benefits. You can also lean while running – this will prevent opponents from grabbing the clip so you can move. And in general, it is not in vain that they say that movement is life. Always move: while looting, healing, and reloading.

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PUBG Tricycle

PUBG Tricycle
PUBG Tricycle (Image via PUBG)

A little hack. Everyone loves the tricycle in the game, but its control is just terrible. But there is a way to make it more stable. You must break through two wheels: one next to the cradle and one in front. Try it, and you will like it.

Replace the Gun for More Ammo

There won’t be enough ammo for everyone when you play in a hurry or when there isn’t enough loot on the map. But many people forget that a raised weapon can be dropped. For example, you are running with an AUG in your hands and an M16 in front of you. You change weapons, then change them back and the cartridges containing the M16 remain in your AUG mag.

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Feel free to drop Body Armor down a level if it’s better and there’s more. But don’t confuse it with a helmet. A third-level helmet would be better anyway.

In general, mobile game strategies are not much different from PC games. It takes some time to get used to the layout.

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