Read One Piece Chapter 1050 Glory Raw scans: Spoilers, Release Date

Read One Piece Chapter 1050 Glory Raw scans

Arguably one of the most interesting arcs in the entire One Piece assortment, the latest saga of Luffy’s journey to transform into the Pirate King has seen him face many events.

However, after a few chapters of epic battles, revelations, transformations and world-ending attacks; It appears that the fight between Kaido and Luffy is finally drawing to a close.

Now, detailed spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1050 have leaked online, and after an unusual increase in fake spoilers last week, fans can’t get enough of this week’s installment of Our Heroes.

Here’s the One Piece Chapter 1050 Glory! Spoiler Raw Scan Version

One Piece Chapter 1050

Page 1

Cover of Honor: Ichiji and Reiju appear

One Piece Chapter 1050

Page 2
The Sky Above Wano…
Yamato: Luffy!!
Onigashima Skull Dome, Battle on the Roof…

One Piece Chapter 1050

Page 3
Victor Kaido.. update…
Yamato: he he
Citizen: steady now!
Yamato: you guys are amazing! Really impressive!!

One Piece Chapter 1050

Page 4
Meanwhile in the Capital, the festival is coming to an end
Toko: good now!
(Toko: Mister Tengu! You see, my father used to have great status! He knew that he would be killed if he was caught!
But even so he turned himself in, that’s what I heard
Why did he do that?
Hitetsu: Mister Yasuie…he’s giving this country another chance!!

One Piece Chapter 1050

Page 5
Hitetsu: if Lord Yasuie hadn’t stepped in at that time…!! All the “lights of hope” built up over the past 20 years would have vanished…He gave his own life for this nation!
Flash back:
Toko: Ahahahaha
Yasu: Toko! Don’t tell me you ate that fruit?!
Can dad have the rest?

Hitetsu: all for that you can live happily…in the future we work for…
Toko: for me?
Hitetsu: of course
Toko: Then…I’ll change my message! Is this good?
Hitetsu: that… for samurai…is

One Piece Chapter 1050

Page 6-7
: highest honor!!
“Dad, I miss you Thank you”
Toko: hahaha!!
Citizen: Calm down now!!
Neko: the sky ship from the fire festival!! It makes meows come back!
Oops, hi yougara! No more mistake! Kaido has been sent to the depths of the ground by Luffy’s hands!!

One Piece Chapter 1050

Page 8-9
Neko: The fallen Onigashima has been stopped by the great dragon transformed into Lord Momonosuke!!
Is that true?!
Yamato: yes!!
Samurai: Then that pink dragon…is it Mr. Momonosuke?! He’s an ability user?!

Neko: It’s been 20 years since that fateful day…this war started with the idea to avenge Lord Oden’s death, and we…finally won it!!!
Samurai: Woahhhhh
We defeated two sea emperors!! I never thought I would be able to come back alive!!
Apoo: The Straw Hats…destroyed Kaido..?!!

One Piece Chapter 1050

Page 10
Usopp: Our Chopper has two serious injuries here!!
Franky: Chopper Zoro didn’t wake up!!
Samurai: Dr. Chopper!! Please come!
Chopper: Our Miyagi has been hurting people everywhere!
Let’s take care of them!
Momo: Zunesha…Zunesha…can you hear me? I’ve thought about it carefully…

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