One Piece: Why Luffy Hand Turn Black After Using Haki?

One Piece: Why Luffy Hand Turn Black After Using Haki?

After the Time Skip, One Piece shows another source of power besides the Devil Fruit, called Haki.

Haki is formed by the will of the user will or ambition. But why did luffy hands turn black after using it?

The next is the explanation of why haki users in One Piece have their hands turning black, (via. Sportskeeda)

Some fans of One Piece have questioned why Luffy other limbs, particularly his hands, turn dark purple after using Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki).

Not only Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki), other two forms of Haki also turn the limbs black after using it.

Why Luffy Hand Turn Black After Using Haki?

Why is Luffy's Haki black?
One Piece: Why Luffy Hand Turn Black After Using Haki?

The answer is quite simple, the question is answered by Oda.

Eichiro Oda, author of the One Piece series, has said several times that Haki is actually colorless and invisible in the One Piece world.

The color change on haki is for fans to see and know when Haki is being used. The hand turn black with the use of Haki but it can be seen only by the fan, the enemy will not feel the change.

This question has been confirmed by ODA several times through interviews, also on the SBS page. Fans can at least enjoy this answer because fans can only see one type of haki.

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Meanwhile, Conqueror Haki and observation Haki are marked with various changes that the enemy can see.***

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