27 Best Netflix Original Korean Dramas You Must Watch

Best Netflix Original Korean Dramas, 최고의 Netflix 오리지널 한국 드라마

Korean dramas have always had many fans. Especially now that Korean drama viewers, aka KDramas, can watch this favourite watch on the online streaming platform Netflix.

This platform has released many Korean dramas with different genres for its viewers. There are some recently released, ongoing dramas, and there are also some old dramas that are still fun to watch.

The category of best Netflix original Korean dramas is full of not only romantic Korean dramas, but also thriller, action, melodrama, and other interesting genres. Let’s find out which dramas are in the following category of best Netflix original Korean dramas!

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List of 27 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Right Now

Destined With You

Release Year:2023
Genre:Fantasy, Law, Romance
Director:Nam Ki Hoon
Cast:Jo Bo Ah, Rowoon, Ha Joon, Yura

Lee Hong Jo is a Grade IV Civil Servant. She tries her best in her work even though she suffers from many civil complaints. She is very much accustomed to loneliness in her personal life. By chance, she became the inheritor of the old wooden chest, which helped her lift the curse from Jang Shin Yu.

The first character, Jang Shin Yu, is not only good-looking, but also smart, intelligent and efficient. Whatever he goes, his presence is always felt however there is no known diseases. His condition gets progressively worse. He tries to make amends for the ancient curse that has been in their family for ages.

A lawyer cursed for centuries, is entangled with a civil servant who holds the key to his freedom leading to an impromptu love story.

A Time Called You

Korean Dramas on Netflix

Release Year:2023
GenreFantasy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
DirectorKim Jin Won
Cast:Ahn Hyo Seop, Jeon Yeo-been, Kang Hoon

Han Jun Hee’s boyfriend, Koo Yeon Jun, passed away one year ago. It has been four years since his death and she misses him badly. Somehow one day, she transports herself into the past to the year 1998, where she is a freshman at high school named Kwon Min Joo. She meets high school student Nam Si Heon right there. On one occasion, she is astonished to realise how Nam Si Heon resembles her ex-boyfriend, Koo Yeon Jun.

Nam Si Heon is vivacious and very pleasant-looking, girls simply go gaga over him. The man he refers to as his best friend, Jung In Kyu falls in love with her.

King the Land

Release Year:2023
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Director:Im Hyun Wook, Choi Sun Min
Cast:Lee Jun Ho, Im Yoon Ah, Go Won Hee, Kim Ga Eun

Heir Goo Won hates fake smiles. The couple wants to create happy moments where they can smile at each other.

The VVIP business lounge, paradise for wealthy hotels. It is owned by The King Group, and has hotel, distribution companies and an airline in its portfolio. He is now being caught up in a struggle for his inheritance. He is a person with brilliant mind, natural elegance, enchanting charm, but he lacks common sense while dating.

Her smile alone brightens the world by Cheon Sa Rang. She lands a job on the hotel and the place was among the happiest moments of her childhood. She should put away her sweet memories now and matured quickly to meet the usual prejudice and miscomprehension on her at workplace.

Behind Your Touch

Release Year:2023
Genre:Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Director:Kim Seok Yoon
Cast:Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, Kim Jun Myeon (EXO’s Suho)

Bong Ye Bun is a veterinarian practicing at a peaceful and crimefree rural village. This includes psychometry power. Upon touching the rear end of an individual or creature, she can peep into their past. The detective in question was Moon Jang Yeol, who was a hotshot detective for the violent crimes team in Seoul, but was demoted to a small police station for Mujin. He thus starts working with Ye Bun for several small cases at Mujin when a serial murder case surfaces in order to secure him transfer back to Seoul.

On the other hand, Kim Seon Woo is employed part-time in a general store belonging to the village. He has a simple smile that makes him be kind to other people and this makes him mysterious in a way.

Mask Girl

Release Year:2023
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Director:Kim Yong Hoon
Cast:Go Hyun Jung ∙ Nana ∙ Ahn Jae-hong ∙ Yeom Hye Ran

Kim Mo Mi (Lee Han Byeol) is an ordinary office worker who is considered unattractive. Kim Mo Mi dreamed of becoming an idol since she was a child, but who wants to see an idol with an ugly face like her?

As she matures, Kim Mo Mi finds other ways to achieve her dream of becoming a celebrity. Taking advantage of live broadcast on the Internet, Kim Mo Mi became a sensual and charming Internet celebrity. During the broadcast, she covered her face with a mask so Kim Mo Mi called herself “Mask Girl”.

The Masked Girl has many die-hard fans, one of whom is an Internet user impersonating the “Once Upon a Prince” character. Who would have thought, the person behind the name is Joo Oh Nam (Ahn Jae Hong), who was Kim Mo Mi’s coworker at the office.

Joo Oh Nam is the only person who realizes that Kim Mo Mi is a mask girl. And, from then on, Oh Nam instantly fell in love with Mo Mi. Unfortunately, Joo Oh Nam’s love story must end with a tragic death at the hands of the woman he loves. After the murder incident, Kim Mo Mi’s life was filled with troubles.

Taking up the issue of appearance, The Masked Girl contains many disturbing scenes ranging from sadistic murders to various erotic scenes. This play has complex conflicts and is very much connected to real life. To me, The Masked Girl will make us realize that villainy was born not because of genetic lineage, but because of toxic standards of living.


Release Year:2023
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Director:Kim Chul Gyu
Cast:Park Gyu Young ∙ Kang Min Hyuk ∙ Lee Chung Ah ∙ Lee Dong Gun ∙ Jeon Hyo Sung

Becoming an influencer is already a dream for many millennials and Gen-Z. Obviously this applies not only to Indonesia but also to South Korea. “Celebrity” tells the story of an average girl who tries to become the most famous internet celebrity today.

Seo Ah Ri (Park Gyu Young) works as a salesperson at a small beauty consulting company. At first he had no interest in the world of celebrities, but due to financial incentives he tried to jump into this world.

There is a celebrity group in the Gangnam neighborhood called Gabin Society which consists of several female internet celebrities who have tens to hundreds of thousands of followers. After struggling from scratch, Seo Ah Ri was finally able to become a celebrity, leaving even Gabin Society behind.

With his success, his work as an influencer continues to grow. She began to be frequently invited to fashion shows of famous brands. Ah Ri’s popularity was no joke until many male celebrities took notice of her. This created jealousy in the Gabin community.

As a result of this jealousy, Gabin Society also justifies all means to bring Seo Ah Ri down. And in the end, this world of internet celebrities consumes lives, and Ah Ri is hell-bent on exposing the depravity of everyone involved.

Black Knight

Release Year:2023
Genre:Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director:Cho Ui Seok
Cast:Kim Woo Bin ∙ Esom ∙ Song Seung Heon ∙ Kang Yoo Seok ∙ Park Jun Hyuk

Adventure and science fiction, “Black Knight” (2023) is Kim Woo Bin’s second series after a dramatic hiatus since 2016. The story is set in the year 2071, when the Earth has been devastated by toxic air pollution. Therefore, only 1% of the human population survives to survive.

As a safety precaution, people rarely leave their homes without a gas mask. To buy food and other necessities, people depended on knights, who delivered packages. There is a famous knight named 5-8 (Kim Woo Bin).

Once there, 5-8 meets a young refugee named Sa Wol (Kang Yoo Seok) who also wants to become a knight. With the help of Defense Intelligence Command Officer Seol Ahn (Aesom), Knights 5-8 train and advisor Sa Wol.

However, in the conflict between Seol Ah, Sa Wol, and the 5-8 Knights, they actually have another mission, which is to bring down the corrupt government.

The Good Bad Mother

Release Year:2023
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Family, Life
Director:Shim Na Yeon
Cast:Ra Mi Ran ∙ Lee Do Hyun ∙ Ahn Eun Jin

Choi Hae Shik and Jin Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) are a married couple who own an animal feed business. His business was ruined because of cunning swindlers who wanted to take over his land. In an effort to move the trial forward, the swindlers still manipulate the witnesses and prosecutor He Shik by bribing them.

At their climax, they kill Hae Shik and make it appear as if Hae Shik has committed suicide. Believing that her husband had indeed committed suicide, Young Soon moved to another village to raise pigs. Soon after, Young Soon gives birth to a child named Choi Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun).

Like Domino, two other pregnant women were born at the same time. They are Bang Sam Sik (Yoo In So) and Lee Mi Joo (Ahn Yoon Jin). Kang Ho grew up with a strict upbringing from his mother, as his mother really wanted her son to become a prosecutor.

Time skip, Kang Ho actually becomes a prosecutor. But, instead of being a noble prosecutor, he often accepts dirty work. He even meets the thugs and prosecutor Oh Tae, who ‘killed’ his father, but he doesn’t know and works for them instead.

Furthermore, she is now dating Oh Ha Young (Hong Bi Ra), the son of prosecutor Oh Tae Soo (Jung Woong In). Ha Young is the typical son of a spoiled rich man, she doesn’t try to be a good daughter-in-law to Kang Ho’s mother.

Similarly, Kang Ho never tried to be a good boy because he held a grudge against his mother. One day Kang Ho meets with an accident, forcing him to return to his mother’s house.

The effect of the accident was that now Kang Ho’s attitude has become like that of a 7-year-old child. This incident forces Kang Ho to reunite with his mother and his childhood friend and former lover Mi Joo.

See You in My 19th Life

Release Year:2023
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Director:Lee Na Jung
Cast:Shin Hye Sun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Ha Yoon Kyung, Ahn Dong Goo

Ban Ji Eum has an extraordinary ability: She remembers all her past lives’ memories. During her reincarnation that she repeated nearly a thousand, Ban Ji Eum was diligent in her lives. In her present life, Ms. Lim’s previous life is interrupted by a tragic accident and she tries to reach out for the people of her past lives. She chooses to locate a man by the name Moon Seo Ha who was among Ms. Lim’s acquaintances during Can her memory of her 18th life spoil romance in her 19th? Can love survive the transition between lives?

However, that is not all on the other side there is also Yoon Cho Won, a landscape architect and the younger sister of Yoon Joo Won that lost her life after the death of her older sister. However, she courageously and kindly overcomes the death of her sister, but it is hard for her to remain bright. It makes Yoon Cho Won wonder when the latter meets her by chance and she sees her old sister is in her.

She is Moon Seo Ha’s secretary and her best friend since early years named Ha Do Yoon. Ha Do Yoon somehow has this unspoken understanding with him although they come from entirely different origins.

The Glory

Release Year:2022
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Director:Ahn Gil Ho
Cast:Song Hye Kyo ∙ Lee Do Hyun ∙ Im Ji Yeon ∙ Park Sung Hoon ∙ Yeom Hye Ran ∙ Jung Sung Il

“The Glory” (2022) is a Netflix original Korean drama written by Kim Eun Suk. One of Korea’s renowned writers, he previously found success in “Mr. Sunshine” (2018) and “Descendants of the Sun” (2016). And, undoubtedly, “The Glory” managed to surpass the success of the two great plays.

This bullying and revenge themed drama stars Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Lim Ji Yeon and Jung Sung Il. The story focuses on the life of a high school girl named Moon Dong Eun who is a victim of violence.

The culprits are his classmates led by Park Yeon Jin. Moon Dong Yoon’s almost daily suffering burned embers of resentment in his heart.

Once depressed and almost suicidal, Dong Eun stands up after realizing her purpose in life, which is to take revenge for all the actions of Park Yeon Jin and her friends. To carry out the revenge plan, Dong Eun is assisted by a plastic surgeon who has a heartfelt love for her.

Doctor Cha

Release Year:2023
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Medical, Romance
Director:Kim Dae Jin
Cast:Uhm Jung Hwa ∙ Kim Byung Chul ∙ Myung Se Bin ∙ Min Woo Hyuk

Cha Jung Suk (Uhm Jung Hwa), who served as a good wife and mother for 20 years, is betrayed by her husband. Moreover, her children also have less respect for her and her in-laws are also very upset. Due to being pregnant, Jung Suk did not continue her medical studies and decided to become a housewife.

The situation has become even worse because now her husband is cheating! The husband is having an affair with none other than his former girlfriend from college days, Choi Sung Hee (Myung Se Bin).

Sung Hee works as a doctor in Jung Suk’s hospital. Of course, this makes it easier for both of them to cheat. This case was handled very well for so many years. There was no doubt on either side.

Jung Suk’s husband Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul) becomes nervous when his wife decides to become a resident doctor at the hospital where he works. So, now he is at the same workplace with his wife and they are even having an affair! In Ho and Sung Hee are still trying to keep in touch secretly.

However, like rotten meat, its odor must be smelled. Finally, one by one the curtains open, revealing to Jung Suk that her husband is cheating on her with a college friend who is now her boss at the hospital. What will Jung Suk do next?


Release Year:2023
Genre:Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director:Jason Kim
Cast:Woo Do Hwan ∙ Lee Sang-Yi ∙ Kim Sae Ron ∙ Park Sung Woong ∙ Heo Joon Ho

The drama, titled “Hunting Dogs”, is based on Jong Chan’s webtoon “Bloodhounds”. This play tells about the sport of boxing. Those who love thriller and action stories, don’t miss it!

Kim Geon Woo (Woo Doo Hwan), a quiet boxer, faces off against Hong Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yi), a left-handed boxer. These two have one thing in common, that is that both of them are former marines. The match ended in a near draw, with Jeon Woo winning by a narrow margin. After this both became close friends.

The conflict flares up when Geon Woo’s mother’s financial problems come to light. Jeon Woo actually runs a small cafe. To save his café from bankruptcy he took a large amount of loan.

Unfortunately, he gets trapped and falls into the trap of Smile Capital, a ruthless money lending business. Woo Jin also tries his best to help Jeon Woo.


Release Year:2023
Genre:Drama, Political
Director:Oh Jin Suk
Cast:Kim Hee Ae ∙ Moon So Ri ∙ Ryu so Young ∙ Kim Tae Hoon

For the past 12 years, Hwang Do Hee (Kim Hee Ae) has been the best man in the field of presidential identity consultants. He is also the director of the strategic planning office of Yunsung Group. The ability to analyze this generates brilliant ideas that can reduce business risks.

However, Do Hee has an accident and his superiors throw him out. He plots revenge using Oh Kyung Suk.

Oh Kyung Suk (Moon So Ri) is a civil rights lawyer. During his 20-year career, Kyung Suk was called the Mad Rhino. She is a self-proclaimed Korean justice woman. On a daily basis, he always defended the general public and the lower class workers. Not only this, he also has a YouTube channel which is quite popular.

Seeing Oh Kyung Suk’s ability and spirit, who enjoys protecting justice, ‘Queen Maker’ Do Hee decides to make Kyung Suk the next mayor of Seoul. Will Do Hee’s hard work pay off? In the future, will Kyung Suk oust greedy former boss Do Hee from office and become mayor of Seoul?

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Release Year:2022
Genre:Drama, Friendship, Romance, Youth
Director:Jung Ji Hyun
Cast:Nam Joo Hyuk ∙ Kim Tae Ri

The beauty of youth, when most people only focus on pursuing dreams and love. Na Do (Kim Tae Ri) wants to become a professional fencer, even though she is now only a member of the fencing team in high school, she has not given up.

Unfortunately, the school’s fencing team had to be discontinued due to lack of funds due to the Korean monetary crisis at that time. While pursuing her dream and trying to revive the school’s fencing club, Hee Du meets a hard-working young man named Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk).

Apparently the Korean financial crisis also affected Yi Jin’s family business. Bankrupt, Yi Jin’s family, which was prosperous, became destitute. Still he left no stone unturned to improve his life and family. Na Do and Baek Yi Jin started out as friends, then started dating when they both became young adults.

As the years passed, Hee Du managed to become a world-class fencer. Meanwhile, Yi Jin became a reporter in New York. While going through a long distance relationship, both are equally busy in their respective worlds. Will their relationship still last?

Song of the Bandits

Release Year:2022
Genre:Action, Thriller, Historical, Drama
Director:Hwang Joon-Hyeok
Cast:Kim Nam-Gil, Seohyun, Yoo Jae-Myung, Yoo Jae-Myung, Lee Ho-Jung

Takes place during the period of the Japanese colonial rule when many Koreans found themselves in the lawless land of Gando where they unite in the defense of their country – Korea. Expectancy is high for the dramatic struggle of various interests involved including Japanese troops, the Korean Independence Army, killers, robbers and Joseon’s migrants who meet each other on the unruly land of Gando during 20’s.

My Name

Release Year2021
GenreAction, Crime, Drama
DirectorKim Jin Min
CastHan So Hee ∙ Ahn Bo Hyun ∙ Park Hee Soon

“My Name” is a drama about Yoon Ji Woo’s (Han So Hee) pursuit of revenge. On his 17th birthday his father was murdered by an unknown person. To be able to locate and hunt down his father’s murderer, Ji Woo asks for his father’s associate to be brought under his command.

That person is Choi Mu Jin (Park Hee Soon), a drug mafia boss. Over the years, Ji Woo was trained, tortured, and almost raped. But, then she managed to become a member of Choi Mu Jin’s group and the only female bouncer.

Per Mu Jin’s orders, Ji Woo’s next move is to infiltrate the narcotics section of the police force. There he will disguise himself as a spy.

Taking advantage of his position as a detective, he is also trying to locate his father’s shooter. How surprised he was when he discovered that the real culprit was a man who was nearby.

Move to Heaven

Release Year:2021
Genre:Drama, Slice of Life
Director:Kim Sung Ho
Cast:Lee Je-Hoon ∙ Tang Jun Sang

This drama was successful in making the audience emotional from the beginning till the end of the episode. “Move to Heaven” is adapted from the essay “Things Left Behind” written by Kim Sa Byul.

Han Ge Ru (Tang Jun Song) is 20 years old and suffers from Asperger syndrome, so she cannot interact normally with others. Gu Ru can only work with her father who owns a company called Move to Heaven.

The company is involved in cleaning up residences after traumatic events. For example, they clean the room where the body of a person who was not cared for by his relatives during his lifetime is kept.

When Gu Ru’s father passed away, his uncle became his guardian. Gyu Ru’s uncle Cho Sang Gu (Lee Jae Hoon) is an ex-convict. Before this, he had worked for six months in Gu Ru’s father’s company.

When he became Gyu Ru’s guardian, Sang Gu learned a lot about his niece. He understands that Gu Ru is a special child. Sang Gu learns about the emotional trauma as well as the stories of people who died.


Release Year:2020
Genre:Business, Comedy, Coming of Age, Crime, Drama, Family, Friendship, Romance, Tragedy, Workplace, Youth
Director:Oh Choong Hwan
Cast:Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho

The serial is titled ‘Start Up’ and narrates a story of a very thin line that separates monumental success from utter failure in one of the most advanced tech hubs globally. The narrative is set in the imaginary society within the Sandbox Company, which traces the life of four diverse individuals.

Seo Dal Mi feels dissatisfied and stuck at square one. The soul of this woman desires nothing but an epic journey to the helm and commanding her own company. She is not rich but she is ambitious as hell, has great dreams and possesses the pioneering spirit.

Nam Do San was one of the family’s prides in his youth, and today he is the founder of Start up of Namdao San’s Sam San Tech Company that is trying to venture into broader operations. He sees his firm drowning because of a vague dream and limited ambition. Subconsciously, tailwinds of destiny have started blowing on SST’s sail that he knows nothing about.

There is this particular man by name Han Ji Pyeong who consciously tries not to be grateful to others but has a debt to pay to that one person who did him so much in the past. He plays the role of Judge, Jury and Executioner in the start-up world; offering pragmatic advice that either see a start-up soaring to greatness or falling into obscurity.

Yearning to prove herself as a capable woman deserving of success without the privileges her upbringing provides, bored that she makes all the efforts but someone else gets the credits for them, Won In Jae steps out into a male-dominated world.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Release Year:2022
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Family, Historical, Period, Political, Royalty, Sageuk
Director:Kim Hyung Shik
Cast:Kim Hye-so ∙ Kim Hae Sook ∙ Choi Won Young ∙ Kim Eui Sung ∙ Moon Sang Min

Queen Im Hwa Ryong (Kim Hye Soo), is the wife of a great king. Don’t think that life is fun and easy. As the queen, Hwa Ryong has to take care of the palace princes whose work is going awry.

And, one of the princes who gives her the most headaches is Grand Prince Sung Nam (Moon Sang Min). He was considered the king’s successor, but he was completely incapable of doing anything. Because of these unworthy sons, Hwa Ryong cannot show his gentle and elegant side.

He became a stubborn and angry person as people started putting pressure on him to make the princes better. Conflict erupts when Hwa Ryong’s mother-in-law hatches a sinister plot so that the king’s concubine’s son will inherit the throne.


Release Year:2008
Genre:Action, Drama, History, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director:Kim Seong-hun
Cast:Ju Ji-hoon ∙ Bae Doona ∙ Kim Sungkyu ∙ Kim Hye-jun ∙ Jun Suk-ho

“Kingdom” is one of the most popular sageuk dramas on Netflix. The play is set in the early 1600s. Typically, “Kingdom” combines historical concepts with zombies!

The story begins when the king died of smallpox. The king’s wife, Queen Cho (Kim Hye Joon), is pregnant. To maintain power she tried to keep her husband’s death unknown until after giving birth.

The hope is that the child she gives birth to will be a son, so that she can inherit her father’s throne. Once, Empress Cho learned of a resurrection plant that she said could revive a dead person.

He also used the plant to raise the king from the dead. But, he did not know that the resurrected person would become the bloodthirsty monster we know as a zombie. Because the king managed to bite many people, the zombie plague spread throughout the kingdom.

Crown Prince Lee Chang (Joo Ji Hoon), is trying to figure out his father’s mysterious illness. His efforts brought him to the city of Dongne. There, there is a doctor’s assistant named Seo Bi (Bae Do Na), who dedicates her life to finding a cure for a strange disease.

Korean Money Heist

Release Year:2022
Genre:Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama
Director:Kim Hong Seon
Cast:Yoo Ji Tae ∙ Kim Yoon Jin ∙ Park Hae-so ∙ Jeon Jong Seo ∙ Lee Won Jong ∙ Kim Ji Hoon ∙ Jang Yoon Jung ∙ Lee Hyun Woo ∙ Kim Ji Hoon ∙ Lee Gyu Ho ∙ Im Ji Yeon ∙ Kim Sung Oh

This is more or less the story of Netflix’s next original Korean drama, which is based on the famous Spanish series, “La Casa de Papel”. The difference between “Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area” (2022) and the original version is the background used by the author.

Because it is adapted for the country of production, “Money Heist Korea” raises the topic of political and economic situations between North and South Korea. In the South Korean version, the professor comes from a scholarly class. Like the Spanish version, he gathers members to steal a lot of money from somewhere.

Not just any place, but a national mint that prints money for the reunification of North and South Korea. A group of robbers led by a professor launch an operation by taking visitors to the National Press hostage.

Henchmen of professors like Berlin, Tokyo, Rio and Nairobi also started performing their respective duties. Their goal is to print as much money as possible. However, the police certainly did not remain silent after learning about their criminal plans.

Squid Game

Release Year:2021
Genre:Action, Adventure, Drama
Director:Hwang Dong-hyuk
Cast:Lee Jung-jae ∙ Park Hae-so ∙ Oh Young-so ∙ Wi Ha Joon ∙ Jung Ho-yeon ∙ Heo Sung-tae

Since its first broadcast in September 2021, the Korean drama “Squid Game” instantly attracted millions of viewers around the world. In fact, the play became a global phenomenon.

This Netflix original series tells the story of Seung Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae), a man who is desperate because he is deep in debt, has no income and is raising his only daughter after divorcing his wife. Is taking care of. Is separated from. He is willing to risk his life to participate in survival games to get the prize of 45.6 billion won.

There are obviously a lot of players in the game. Ji Hun was called as the last participant in order of his registration number which was 456. All participants taking part in the game had to overcome various obstacles that they actually played with as children. But the difference is that if the participant loses, he will die instantly.

Ultimately one of the 456 participants died because they could not survive. So then, who managed to bring home the fabulous sum as promised?

All of Us Are Dead

Release Year:2022
Genre:Action, Horror
Director:Lee Jae Gyoo
Cast:Park Ji Hoo ∙ Yoon Chan Young ∙ Jo Yi Hyun ∙ Park Solomon ∙ Yoo In so

“All of Us Are Dead” is a drama adaptation of Joo Dong Geun’s webtoon “Now at Our School”. This horror series focuses on the struggles of several high school students who are trapped in a school building due to the outbreak of an unknown virus.

People infected with the virus then turn into zombies who ‘eat’ humans. Those who are bitten also automatically turn into zombies.

The students who managed to defend themselves included Nam On Jo, Lee Chung San, Lee So Hyuk, Choi Nam Ra, Lee Na Yun and many other children. There was also a teacher who survived and eventually joined them.

After several days of fighting to avoid zombie bites, the government decided to ‘isolate’ the outbreak to prevent widespread spread. Can you guess what type of method this is? Yes, they collected the dead bodies at one place, which is the school.

After the dead bodies are collected, the government will blow them all up to protect the country. So then, what will be the fate of those who are still alive and trapped in the school?


Release Year:2021
Genre:Action, Drama, Fantasy
Director:Kim Tae Yoon
Cast:Kim Hee Sun ∙ Rowoon ∙ Lee so Hyuk ∙ Yoon Ji On

Fantasy drama fans must watch “Tomorrow” (2022). Based on the Webtoon of the same name, this drama centers on Choi Joon Woong (Rowoon) who is confused about finding a job. Having tried to and fro, his job applications are always rejected.

One night, she witnessed a man trying to end her life. Joon Woong decides to stop the man but he is the one who gets into an accident and ends up in a coma.

However, during his coma, Joong Woong meets death angels Goo Ryeon (Kim Hee Sun) and Im Ryoong Gu (Yun Ji On). Not only the angel of death, but the creature duo is part of the Crisis Management Team. They work to prevent people from committing suicide.

During Joon Woong’s coma and becoming half human and half spirit, he is hired by the grim reaper company as the newest member of the crisis management team so that he can return to his normal life.

Juvenile Justice

Release Year:2022
Director:Hong Jong Chan
Cast:Kim Hye-so ∙ Kim Mu Yeol ∙ Lee Sung Min

“Juvenile Justice” is a Korean drama that tells the story of a judge named Sim Yoon Seok. The character of this judge is played by Kim Hye.

Judge Sim Yoon Seok is known for his cold personality. Many people also know that they do not like teenagers. The drama tells the story of crimes committed by teenagers which become increasingly disturbing and very cruel.

However, these teenage law breakers can usually escape all the trappings of the law because they are minors. Seeing this, Sim Eun Seok finally intervenes. If the law cannot trap the criminals then it will try to punish them in its own way.


Release Year:2021
Genre:Action, Comedy, Drama
Director:Han Jun Hee
Cast:Jung Hae In ∙ Koo Kyo Hwan

Adapted from a popular webtoon read by over 10 million readers, “D.P.” One of the best original Korean dramas on Netflix. This drama is an action and military genre.

It tells the story of Ahn Joon Ho (Jung Hae In), a soldier tasked with finding and capturing military deserters. However Private Jun Ho usually only serves in the military like other Koreans.

But, one day, he suddenly becomes a member of a team arresting military defectors. Joe Knows Nothing is tasked with arresting turncoats and must contend with a more serious case. Not only Jun Ho, but many other young soldiers also had no choice but to follow orders, even without official permission.

Joon Ho departs with other soldiers such as Han Ho Yul, Park Bum Goo and Im Ji Sup. These four soldiers set out on an adventurous journey to explore issues ranging from harassment in the military to human rights.

The Fabulous

Release Year:2022
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Life, Romance
Director:Kim Jung Hyun
Cast:Chae so Bin ∙ Choi Min Ho

Netflix’s next original Korean drama is titled “The Fabulous” (2022). The drama aired with 8 episodes, starring Chae So Bin, Min Ho, Lee Sang Yoon, and Park Hee Jung. The drama tells the story of the struggles of a group of youth who dedicate their lives to the fashion industry and how they struggle to survive.

Pyo Ji Yoon had a desire to work in the field of fashion since childhood. Growing up, she was able to achieve her dream by working as a department head for an advertising agency as well as endorsing a luxury fashion brand. His personality in the office is considered cheerful and positive.

Ji Eun meets Ji Woo Min, a freelance photographer who is responsible for all of Ji Eun’s brand photos.

The two become close and friendly with a fashion designer named Joseph and a beautiful model named Ye Seon Ho. The four friends pursue their respective dreams amidst a highly competitive industry.

This is a List of 27 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Right. Some of the above dramas have successfully become favourite dramas not only in Korea but also in other countries.

Korean Dramas on Netflix have variety in terms of genre, starting from romance and drama to suspense and horror. The above five dramas are the best and give interesting and worth watching experiences. From well-established K-drama connoisseurs to newbies, these shows are guaranteed to have you glued to your screens. Therefore, sit back and enjoy as I delve into the engaging Korean drama world.

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