Watch ‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’, the latest K-drama about the twists and turns of married life

Welcome to Wedding Hell

Here we will include a summary and a link to watch ‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’ in full through this article.

‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’ is the latest Korean drama that airs today, May 25, 2022.

Korean drama fans who are waiting for this romantic drama to air, can watch it directly via the link that will be shared at the end of this article.

‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’ will air every Monday-Wednesday at at 7PM KST or .

Welcome to Wedding Hell Cast

  • Lee Jin-Wook as Seo Jun-Hyeong
  • Lee Yeon-Hee as Kim Na-Eun
  • Hwang Seung-Un as Choi Hui-Seon
  • Kim Ju-Yeon as Lee Su-Yeon
  • Lee Ji-Hyun as co-worker
  • Kim Yeon-Kyo as co-worker

‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’ will only have 12 episodes. This means the drama will be airing in less than two months on Netflix.

Before watching, let’s look at the excitement of the new drama story, starring Lee Yeon Hee, so that the storyline can be imagined first. So that adds interest to watch it.

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Lee Jin Wook as Seo Joon Hyung is a single man who is 30 years old. He works in a big company.
His life is like other people’s lives running smoothly, happily, and well-off.
His happiness is complete because he has a lover named Kim Na Eun, played by Lee Yeon Hee.
Just like Seo Joon Hyung, Kim Na Eun also works at a large company. She is a realistic, intelligent, and loving woman. So that makes Seo Joon Hyung feel at home with him for up to 2 years, and plans to get married.

However, the problem that the two of them had not imagined actually appeared after they both assumed the role of husband and wife.

For those who are curious about how exciting the story between Seo Joon Hyung and Kim Na Eun is, watch it directly via the following link:

Netflix: Welcome to Wedding Hell

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