The Glory

The Glory Kdrama 2022, Song Hye Kyo

The Glory is a Netflix Original Korean revenge drama series written by Kim Eun Sook, who is the writer of the Descendants of the sun.

Directed by director Ahn Gil Ho, who directed dramas such as “Happiness,” “Stranger,” and “Memories of the Alhambra.”

After a difficult and violent childhood, a woman hatches a well-crafted plan for revenge. After years of planning, Moon Don Yoon finally gets revenge on his past bullies. She didn’t do anything to the classmates who stood by her. Starring Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun.

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The Glory Kdrama 2022 poster
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Korean Drama TitleThe Glory
Original Name더 글로리 / deo geulloli
Also Known AsThe Glory Season 1 , Deo Geulloli 1 , 더 글로리1
Available OnNetflix
Original LanguageKorean
Release date30 December 2022
GenresThriller, Drama, Melodrama
CastSong Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Im Ji Yeon,
Mydramalist Ratings🌟 /10


  • Song Hye Kyo as Moon Dong Eun
  • Lee Do Hyun as Joo Yeo Jung
  • Im Ji Yeon as Park Yeon Jin
  • Park Sung Hoon as Jeon Jae Joon
  • Yeom Hye Ran as Kang Hyun Nam
  • Jung Sung Il as Ha Do Young

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What is the plot of ‘The Glory’ KDrama?

When Moon Dong Eun was in high school, he dreamed of becoming an architect. However, Moon Dong-woon was bullied and forced to drop out of school. Years later, the bully gets married, has a child, and attends the same elementary school where Moon Dong Eun is now working as a homeroom teacher. After years of intrigue, Moon Dong-woon launches a revenge plan against a former bully and the students who sidetracked it.

What is ‘The Glory’ Release date?

The series is due to premiere globally on Netflix on December 30, 2022, just before the new year. There will be a total of 8 episodes in this series.

Where to watch The Glory?

Watch The Glory on Netflix’s official site.

The Glory Official Trailer

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