Cheer Up KDrama Sparks Controversy With Female Self-Defense Scene

Cheer Up KDrama Sparks Controversy With Female Self-Defense Scene

Recently a popular SBS Cheer Up KDrama has created controversy for its violent scenes in which female characters use self-defense Scene.

Currently, one of the most viewed and commented series in the past month is “Cheer Up“, a show aired on Mondays and Tuesdays by the SBS network.

Starring: Han Ji-hyun, Bae In-hyuk, Kim Hyun-jin, Jung Gyu-ri will start broadcasting on October 3 and end on November 29.

“Cheer Up” revolves around a group of students who belong to a college cheerleading club. They learn the vital meaning of friendship, love, and personal growth in an environment of money, poverty, and envy.

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Since the first chapter, it has been praised by viewers for its story, characters, and fresh and thoughtful growth throughout the plot. It drew attention after it described it and called it “dating violence.”

Which scene in “Cheer Up” caused controversy among the South Korean public?

In this scene, Tae Cho-hee, played by Jang Gyu-ri, a former member of fromis_9, has a tense meeting with her ex-partner. His ex-boyfriend suddenly shows up and slaps him for no reason in front of people walking around the college.

So she, instead of accepting the action or waiting for the boy who accompanied her to defend her, said: “You hit me first.” Following that, she slaps him back and hits him constantly with her knees and her bag, leaving him humiliated on the floor while she told him: «It would hurt your ego to hear rumors about a girl hitting you, right? Never see me again.”

Since this article was posted on a Korean site, Outlet Insight Korea posted an article summarizing the various opinions of Korean citizens locally. As I said before, many people felt this was unrealistic. The boy is much taller and stronger than her, so even a woman should call the police in this situation.

What do Korean media and international audiences have to say about the Cheer Up KDrama?

However, despite the negative opinion of some Korean fans, the international public gave a positive opinion of the scene, praising Tae Cho-hee’s strong character development. Instead of stigmatizing women, the use of power by women in situations of violence and oppression should be normalized.

Diverse thinking is expected due to the cultural similarities between South Korea and the rest of the world, but the focus should be on gender freedom, as portrayed in current TV dramas.

What do you think about the scene?

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