12 Saddest Korean Movies That Will Make You Cry

12 Saddest Korean Movies That Will Make You Cry

Welcome to WallpaperAccess.in, and today we’re counting down our picks for 12 Saddest Korean Movies That Will Make You Cry.

Korean movies are known for their diverse entertainment genres ranging from comedy, romance, and sad. If you want to watch a simple movie, then this list of films can make you cry. keep scrolling!

Be With You

When you meet someone you love again, but it’s only for a moment, you’ll be made to cry watching Be With You.


The movie Pawn shows that family warmth doesn’t have to come from blood relations

Miracle: Letters to the President

While the trailer for The Miracle: Letters to the President looks funny, it’s actually deceiving.

Keys to the Heart

The relationship between the brothers in Keys to the Heart can make you touch.

Birthday (2019)

Remember the Sewol ship tragedy? Birthday movie based on the true story of tragedy.

My First Client (2019)

Is it true that a 7-year-old child has the heart to kill her own brother? If you’re curious, just watch the movie, My First Client.

Stand By Me (2018)

The story of Grandfather and Grandson in Stand By Me makes you realize the importance of always being with the people who are precious to us.

A Way Station

A Way Station, which tells the love story of an Alzheimer’s patient and a terminally ill man? how will the film A Way Station end?

Ayla: The Daughter of War

Based on a true story, Ayla: The Daughter of War tells the story of a Korean girl who is rescued by Turkish soldiers and lives in the middle of the war.

A Taxi Driver

A Taxi Driver shows the atmosphere of the 1980 Gwangju people’s insurgency riots.

You’re So Precious to Me

The father-daughter relationship started with a misunderstanding, who are not blood-related, You’re So Precious to Me that you cry.

A Little Princess (2019)

The happy life of their grandmothers and grandson changes when they learn something. what is that? just looking at A Little Princess.

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Which of the above films are you interested in? Don’t forget to prepare tissue for those who want to watch the movie above because tears will drip.

These movies are fun because they can make the audience sad from different perspectives. Which movie do you think is the Saddest Korean Movies That Will Make You Cry from the list above? Share your comment below.

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