5 Popular Adult Manhwa Recommendations (18+)

5 Popular Adult Manhwa Recommendations (18+)

Reading comics is an activity that some people do to fill their spare time. Various comics, especially Manhwa also have various storylines with various stories. And one genre of Manhwa comics that is quite popular is the themed and nuanced manhwa (adult).

Note: the manhwa below is not recommended for minors

This time, we will share a series of the most popular adult manhwa on several online comic reading sites that we have summarized. Here are some of most popular adult Manhwa (18+).

5 Adult Manhwa Recommendations

1. Boarding Diary

Boarding Diary Manhwa
Boarding Diary Manhwa

The first adult manhwa was Boarding Diary written by Yonguija. This manhwa is the most popular manhwa in terms of the adult genre on several online comic reading sites.

The story itself is about Jun-Woo, a student who lives in a friend’s house near his campus. There he is cared for by a super beautiful boarding house mother who is the mother of a friend named Youngbin.

Initially, his relationship with the landlady was fine until one day he accidentally saw the landlady watching an inappropriate video. Since then, Jun-Woo’s point of view towards the boarding houseman has started to change from what he initially only saw as an ordinary housewife. Now Jun-Woo is actually starting to be attracted to the boarding house as a woman.

  • Author : Kim Jeta
  • Genre : 18+, Adult, Mature
  • Chapters : 74
  • Score : 8.8

2. Secret Class

Secret Class Manhwa
Secret Class Manhwa

This one manhwa has also become one of the most popular manhwas in the genre that we are discussing this time. Even people who are waiting for the latest update of the chapter are quite a lot on some comic websites.

This manhwa itself tells the story of a young man named Dae Ho who became an orphan at the age of 13 years. He was later adopted by his father’s family of friends and grew up in the family.

After becoming an adult because he rarely hangs out with his peers. This makes Dae Ho know nothing about the opposite sex. Until one day his aunt decided to give Dae Ho a special class to understand the relationship with the opposite sex with the aunt being experimental.

  • Author : Wang Kang Cheol, Mina-Chan
  • Genre : 18+, Adult, Mature
  • Chapters : 113
  • Score : 8.9

3. Mother Hunting

Mother Hunting Manhwa
Mother Hunting Manhwa

This one manhwa began publishing in 2021 and became one of the most popular manhwas based on the number of readers on several online comic reading sites. The story itself is somewhat taboo, namely about a child who was betrayed by his own mother.

The story is about Sang-Hyeon who is a lecturer at a university. One day he heard a groan in a lecture hall and found instructor Junbeom being Uh with a married woman.

Junbeom then asked Sang-Hyeon to keep what he saw a secret and rewarded him with special advice about women. Junbeom is known as Sang-Hyeon who likes to play women. But Sang-Hyeon didn’t realize that the woman Junbeom was playing with wasn’t the only one, even Sang-Hyeon’s mother was also one of Junbeom’s targets.

  • Author : Onjom
  • Genre: same as before
  • Chapters : 62
  • Score : 8.8

4. My Sister’s Duty

My Sister's Duty manhwa
My Sister’s Duty manhwa

This one manhwa tells about the sacrifice of a younger sister who doesn’t want to see her older brother being mistreated in the country’s military forces.

The full story is about Dongwoo who is Jeongyeon’s younger sister. One day he reads his brother’s diary and learns the fact that his brother often gets bad treatment from an army captain.

Because he wanted to protect his brother, Dongwoo then intended to meet the captain of his brother’s army. But it turns out that the captain of the squad is not like Dongwoo’s shadow. The captain of the army would only let his brother go if Dongwoo gave himself to the captain.

  • Author :-
  • Genre: same as before
  • Chapters : 94
  • Score : 8.8

5. Stepmother’s Friend

Stepmother's Friend Manhwa
Stepmother’s Friend Manhwa

This one manhwa is also quite popular and is the last manhwa on this list. This manhwa is a manhwa that has pretty good visuals and a fairly high rating when compared to other manhwas.

This manhwa tells the story of a young man named Seok Oh who is 26 years old who lost his mother. But one day his father introduced him to a new wife who was only 2 years older than his age. The woman’s name is Chae Yun, Seok Oh’s crew thought that the woman married her father because her father was quite rich but over time he realized that the woman loved his father.

Their relationship was normal at first until one day when the new mother invited her friend over to her house. Seok Oh accidentally entered the bathroom where his mother’s friend was taking a bath and that incident became the beginning of the revelation of his new mother’s true figure.

  • Author : Neck Pillow
  • Genre: same
  • Chapters : 99
  • Score : 8.9

So, those are some recommendations for manhwa + WallpaperAccess.in Blog version. Remember, don’t get your heart broken when you read it and one more thing, if you are not old enough, it is forbidden to read the list of manwha above.

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