6 Anime Like Spy x Family

6 Anime Like Spy x Family

Are you looking for Anime Like Spy X Family? Let’s take a look at the list below:

Everyone has a secret which they cannot tell anyone else. At a time when all the countries of the world are engaged in a fierce information war going on behind closed doors. Closed, Ostania and Westalis have been in a state of cold war with each other for decades. According to reports, the East Concentration Division of the West Indies Intelligence Service (WISE) has sent its most talented spy “Twilight“. Top agent to investigate the movements of Donovan Desmond, president of Ostania National Unity Party, which is endangering peace efforts between the two countries.

The mission, known as “Operation Strix“, involved “gathering a family for a week, infiltrating social gatherings organized by the elite school Desmond son attends”. “Twilight” takes the identity of psychiatrist Loid Forger and begins a search for family members. But Anya, the daughter he adopted, can read people minds while his wife Yor is a murderer! In order for each of them to keep these secrets a secret, they begin to live together and do not reveal their true identities to each other. World peace is now in the hands of this new family as they surprise themselves. On an adventure full of surprises.

Here is a list of 6 Anime similar to Spy X Family.



Kakushi Gotou and her daughter Hime have a strange relationship where someone always hides the best things like Spy X Family. The main difference here is that Kakushi isn’t a spy, he’s just creating an extremely vulgar Manga. He tried his best not tolet his daughter know as he was afraid that he would be disillusioned if she found out. Of course, nothing can be a secret forever…

Kotaro Lives Alone

Those who want to see what a goofy kid like Anya would do if left alone, will love this anime. While what happened to Kotaro’s family is a complicated mystery, the four-year-old now lives alone and gets caught up in some mischief. They have an interesting family, deeply confused by the situation, but moving on with it. When it premiered on Netflix, it was light-hearted, funny, and unfortunately overlooked.


A yakuza member suddenly finds himself caring for a young girl with supernatural powers? This supernatural comedy shares many similarities but has some important tonal differences from Spy X Family.

Watching Yoshifumi try to get closer to Hina, so she can use her powers to help her Yakuza goals, and eventually get closer to her in the process, is an experience. wonderful experience. Beyond that, Hinamatsuri is fun and bustling and is definitely an entertaining watch.

Princess Principal

The Principal Princess focuses a bit more on the detective side of things, with several elite girls working as undercover agents at Queen Mayfaire School. Ange Le Carré, Chisse and Beatrice all worked together under Dorothy. With their unparalleled skills, they do their best to defend the Commonwealth. The show also has the same historical setting as Spy X Family for those who enjoy going back in time with their story.

Sweetness & Lightning

Sweetness and Lightning is an anime about iyashikei, aka soul healing. There is also a scene where a father tries his best to find a way to take care of his daughter like Spy x Family but of course the story will be easy and light. It follows Kouhei Inuzuka and her daughter after the death of her mother.

Because he was too busy being a single father and could not cook, he was forced to feed her prepared meals. Wishing to provide her with fresh food, she is eventually persuaded to go to Kotori Iida’s restaurant and their lives are intertwined. The show is a reminder of how special family meals are and why they should be cherished.

The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED

It may not be a spy thriller, but the comedic adventures of Daisuke Kanbe and the super-rich Haru Katou for justice are downright hilarious. Both completely disagree on the best way to solve the cases but both must work together using their different methods to solve the mystery. The story begins with two isolated cases that get resolved but gradually become much bigger than the audience expected.

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