BGMI New Update: When will the new update come in India, know what is the release date

BGMI New Update

BGMI New Update: BGMI games are a great option for Indian mobile and computer gamers. The company is planning to announce it in 2021. Let’s talk about how the Battlegrounds Mobile India game became popular after its release in India. Millions of users have downloaded the game and enjoyed it enthusiastically in its first year. But things took a turn for the worse after the game was removed from Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store a few months ago on July 28.

BGMI New Update

Name Of ArticleBGMI New Update
Release date2 July 2021

Actually, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has taken this decision regarding gaming. It was told that personal data is at risk due to the Battlegrounds mobile game. At the same time, the biggest problem at this time is that the update available for this game is not available in India.

When will the new update come to India?

BGMI 2.2 Update Apk Download

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For reference, Battlegrounds Mobile has been banned for three months from July until now. Rumors have been swirling about the game’s revival and updates since then, but as of now, users in India have not yet received the BGMI new update.

Due to the lack of updates, It became clear that removal from the Play Store and Apple Store would prevent users from receiving the necessary updates for the game. At the same time, we got the 2.2 updates for global users. The same happens with the 2.3 updates. This means that users in India will not get new updates.

When is the next BGMI new update coming out?

In December 2022, BGMI New Update is likely to be released.

What is the next Update of BGMI?

The BGMII 2.3 update will be released in December 2022. According to some techs, their BGMI has been banned in India by government order and the game may soon be available again on Play and iPhone Store.

What do gaming experts say?

BGMI Unban Update: BGMI New Royal Pass M15 issue Latest Update, BGMI New Update
BGMI Unban Update: BGMI New Royal Pass M15 issue Latest Update | BGMI New Update

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Due to the lack of updates, game reviewers and experts agree that as long as the game is banned, new updates to BGMI will not be available. PUBG games has been banned in 2020. No updates since then. In other words, the same situation can happen with BGMI.

We are happy to inform you that the game’s servers are currently running in India and the game has already been downloaded. The game became playable with the 2.1 updates. Moreover, it remains to be seen when Krafton India will be able to resolve these issues. If all goes well, users in India will be able to see this update again in their games.

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