First Love: Hatsukoi (2022)

First Love (2022)

First Love: Hatsukoi (Japanese Drama); First Love 初恋; First Love is a heartwarming Japanese romantic drama series premiering worldwide on Netflix on Thursday, 24 November, 2022. A heartwarming series that takes place over more than 20 years, it chronicles the beautiful bond between Noguchi Yae (Hikari Mitsushima) and Namiki Harumichi (Satoh Takeru).

First Love is inspired by two Hikaru Utada songs, First Love and Hatsukoi, Directed and written by Yuri Kanchiku. The series also features several songs by the J-pop sensation.



Korean Drama TitleFirst Love: Hatsukoi
Original NameFirst Love 初恋
Also Known AsFirst Love: Hatsukoi
GenresRomance, Drama
Release DateNovember 24, 2022
CastsHikari Mitsushima, Takeru Satoh, Yagi Rikako, Kido Taisei, Kaho, Minami
DirectorYuri Kanchiku
Original LanguageJapanese


  • Mitsushima Hikari as Noguchi Yae
  • Satoh Takeru as Namiki Harumichi
  • Yagi Rikako as Noguchi Yae (Young)
  • Kido Taisei as Namiki Harumichi (Young)
  • Kaho as Tsunemi
  • Minami as Yuu Namiki

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What is the story of First Love: Hatsukoi (2022) JDrama?

In the late 90’s, Yae and Harumichi met and fell in love. After graduating from high school, Yae went off to college in Tokyo, while Harumichi joined the Self-Defense forces as an aviation student, and like that they separated. One day, Yae suffered a tragic accident, and 20 years passed without their lives intersecting again. Now, Yae works as a taxi driver and Harumichi has become an employee at a security company after serving in the Self-Defense forces, both in the same city. About 20 years after their unfulfilled first love, fate brings them together once again…

First Love: Hatsukoi (2022) Drama Release Date?

All Episodes of First Love: Hatsukoi (First Love 初恋) Japanese Drama has been released on 24 November, 2022.

Where to watch First Love: Hatsukoi (2022)?

You can watch First Love: Hatsukoi (Japanese Drama) on Netflix. watch all episodes with Japanese, English and Hindi in the Netflix.

First Love (2022) Official Trailer | Netflix

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