Free Fire: 6 Best Female Characters in 2022

Best Female Characters In Free Fire

Best Female Characters in Free Fire 2022: Which is the most powerful of them all and which one is worth using today? Let’s take a look with the best female FF characters in 2022.

In Free Fire, you can choose any character you want from a group of 30 people. Each character has different gameplay and can help you in many different ways with their skills. After each Free Fire update, the ranking of the best characters may change a little.


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1. Xayne remains undefeated in the list of TOP female characters in Free Fire

Xayne in Garena Free Fire

Her name is still mentioned in all the TOP lists of the best Free Fire characters and she still holds her spot after the OB30 update. Xayne’s active ability is Xtreme Encounter.

This skill will temporarily give you 80 additional HP. In addition, you can also benefit from 40% shield damage bonus and Gloo Wall. The skill lasts for 10 seconds and the cooldown is 150 seconds

2. Laura has Sharp Shooter skill which makes shooting more accurate

Laura in Garena Free Fire

Among the female characters of Free Fire, Laura has an extremely useful skill for beginners. Her passive skill is Sharp Shooter, allowing players to increase their shooting accuracy.

Players can improve accuracy by up to 10% within firing range. Accuracy can be increased to 35% by upgrading the character to the maximum.

3. Moco is a good support for the team

Moco in Free Fire

For anyone who wants to become a team support, Moco is the right choice. His Hacker’s Eye ability makes marking enemy player positions more convenient.

When activating the skill, the enemy hit will be marked for 2 seconds. Your information is also shared with your teammates so you can set up firefights more efficiently.

4. Nikita helps you improve reload speed

Nikita in Garena Free Fire

Nikita is one of the best Free Fire female characters in the OB30 update, especially for those who enjoy using SMGs.

Her skill is Firearms Expert, which improves the player’s reload speed by 4%. On the highest update, you can recharge 24% faster. Fast reload is especially useful when you’re in a 1v3 or 1v2 match.

5. Olivia, with Healing Touch you can revive a player

Olivia in Garena Free Fire

Olivia’s passive skill is called Healing Touch and it can revive the player with a 30 HP bonus. In melee combat, the amount of HP bonus plays an important role in taking down the enemy.

6. Modeling A124 in Garena Free Fire

A124 in Garena Free Fire

A124 stands out for its Thrill of Battle ability. It releases an 8m electromagnetic wave that nullifies the enemy’s active abilities and interrupts their cooldowns. The thrill of battle lasts for about 20/22/24/26/28/30 seconds. Standby time: 100/90/80/70/60/50 seconds.

From the initial healing skill, A124’s skill can be completely transformed into a unique skill, completely different from other FF female characters. In addition, Thrill of Battle also has the same effect as an all-new character named Snowelle – who has a passive ability that can disable an enemy’s active ability.

Thanks to the Thrill of Battle, the A124 can counterattack everything, so it’s the main choice of the Free Fire female character in competitive matches. The player can break the enemy’s shield, the opponent’s active skill while attacking, or prevent them from successfully healing.

Now tell me here in the comments which one is your favorite character in Free Fire.

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