Fruits Basket Prelude Release Date Set in USA, Canada, and UK

Fruits Basket Prelude Release Date

Crunchyroll announced release dates for Fruits Basket Prelude USA, Canada and the UK. It will appear in theaters in North America in June 2022. The first showing will take place on June 25, 2022, and an additional one on June 28-29, 2022. English dub and Japanese will be displayed along with English subtitles. The UK release will hit the screens on July 20, 2022. Only the English dub will be shown in cinemas in the region.

The announcement also included details on when people could buy tickets. Fandango will begin offering them for a North American release on June 3, 2022. People in the UK will not be able to buy them until June 24, 2022.

Here is the poster of the film. Since it is a prequel, it stars Tohru Honda’s mother Kyoko and father Katsuya. It is shown how the two met and fell in love. However, Tohru and Kyo Soma will make cameos.

Fruits Basket Prelude Wallpaper

Fruits Basket Prelude Voice Cast includes:

  • Kyoko Honda – Lydia Mackay (English voice) and Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese voice)
  • Katsuya Honda – J. Michael Tatum (English voice) and Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese voice)
  • Tohru Honda – Laura Bailey (English voice) and Manaka Iwami (Japanese voice)
  • Kyo Soma – Jerry Jewell (English voice) and Yūma Uchida (Japanese voice)

And here’s the new dub trailer.

To know more about its story, watch another video here. It includes original Japanese voice acting and English subtitles.

The Fruits Basket Prelude release date for the US and Canada is June 25, 2022. Additional showings will appear on June 28-29/2022. It will be appear in the UK on July-20-2022. The Fruits Basket movie debuted in Japan in February. 2022. People can watch the new version of the anime on Crunchyroll. Yen Press now handles the English version of the manga.

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