The animation “Kakegurui Twin” will be broadcast on August 4

The animation "Kakegurui Twin" will be broadcast on August 4

Adapted by Kawamoto ほむら as the original work and drawn by Saiki Katsura, the animation “Kakegurui Twin” announced the list of additional voice actors, the main visual map and the official promotional film.

Kakegurui Twin” is a prequel to “The Abyss of Crazy Gambling”. One year before Yumeko transferred to the academy, the very ordinary girl “Saotome Mea Yari” was transferred to the Baikawang Academy. However, what awaits her is the baptism of the academy’s crazy rules of gambling. This is the prequel to The Abyss of Gambling, the story of another “outsider”. The double that pairs with Yumeko – Saotome Meaari’s “Gambling Abyss”.

In the information released this time, Rina Motoizumi, Dajiba, Yuko Kahida, Aoi Koga, Seiichiro Yamashita, and Li Yi Takahashi will all participate in the performance. In the official promotional video released, in addition to seeing many new animations, you can also hear the ending song “Queens Bluff” performed by i☆Ris.

The animation “Gambling Abyss Double” is currently scheduled to air on Netflix from August 4th.

Kakegurui Twin Key Visual

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