My Hero Academia Chapter 377 Release Date, Raw Scans, Leaks, Spoilers, and Full Plot

My Hero Academia Chapter 377 Release Date, Raw Scans, Leaks, Spoilers, and Full Plot

My Hero Academia Chapter 377 will be released on January 7th and can be read on Shueisha’s official online platform.

My Hero Academia returned last week with a great chapter that covers almost every part of the ongoing war and provides a decent analysis of the ongoing state of the heroes fighting in the war.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 377 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks

My Hero Academia Chapter 377 titled “The Chain of Events that Led up to Where we Are Now”. This post contains massive spoilers so read at your own risk. Also, see some of the pages attached below:

The chapter begins showing cherry blossoms, while a narration says that the heroes are in a bad place and the villains are striking back. They tried to part them, but now the wind is blowing. Then someone extends his hand towards the cherry tree.

Going back to the present, we can see that the portal U.A. has been opened in There, Aizawa notices Mike’s existence and understands its meaning. Soon after, two clones also pass through the portal, multiplying and attacking Aizawa, Manual and Monoma.

At that moment, Monoma stops to look at Shigafo for a second and then at the same time there is a huge explosion. Electric poles get uprooted and arenas start falling, they can no longer stand in the air. Mandalay reports the situation out of habit, and skeptics continue to hack away.

Shigaraki then asks (using the “ore” pronoun) why Midoriya still wants to know if he’s there. After all, I am your villain.” Midoriya states that Shigaraki’s personality has returned.

Skeptic has hijacked the U.A system and underground shelters. He laughs and says that everything is in his hands. Deku is tired and says this is the effect of the gear shift on his body, if he can’t breathe he doesn’t let his cells rest.

But the second user says he can’t quit yet. OFA and AFO connect, and they realize that the inner All for One cannot freely control Shigaraki’s body. Deku must seize this opportunity and act. Everything that has happened up to this moment is the key to victory.

The Skeptic continues hacking, but suddenly a silhouette appears on one of his computers saying “I found you.” Some say it’s very difficult to find where he is, but he’s not angry in the slightest.

At that time, La Brava was standing next to Tsukauchi, a hacking skeptic! End of chapter.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 377 Release Date and Time

My Hero Academia Chapter 377 is scheduled to be released on Saturday, January 6, 2022 at 12:00 am JST. Obviously, MHA Chapter 377 Release date and time will vary from country to country due to the vastly different time zones around the world. We have compiled a list of some of them below.

  • Pacific Standard Time: 7:00 am (Saturday, January 6)
  • Eastern Standard Time: 10:00 am (Saturday, January 6)
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 3:00 pm (Saturday, January 6)
  • Central European Time: 4:00 pm (Saturday, January 6)
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm (Saturday, January 6)
  • Philippine Standard Time: 11:00 pm (Saturday, January 6)
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 12:30 pm (Sunday, January 7)

My Hero Academia Chapter 377 Manga Online

You can read the three latest chapters for free on the official Viz Shonen Jump website and on MANGA Plus by Shueisha website. Release times vary by region. Below is a list of releases by region.

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