Black Clover Chapter 347 Spoiler, Raw Scan and Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 347 Spoiler, Raw Scan and Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 347 will be released on Sunday. Chapter spoilers and raw scans have been circulating online, specifically showing the revelations happening in the Hino Country Arc. Fans are eager to find out Black Clover Chapter 347. Please note that the following will be a major spoiler.

Black Clover Chapter 347 Spoilers and Raw Scan

Black Clover Chapter 347 Clearly Massive Spoiler Titled “The Truth of Deception“. spoilers below, so read at your own risk.

Ichika realizing that they don’t need Asta’s powers, but Lily comes up and arrogantly says, “You can’t even doge this one?” Lily and Paladin appear there and unleash a powerful attack that combines ice magic and Spatial magic. The combination attack is powerful enough to surprise Ichika, and she says Paladins have extraordinary amounts of yoryoku.

The next panel reveals a paladin with beast magic, with the ability to use illusion spells that can terrorize enemies by showing fear-based memories. Ichika sees his father and Kezokaku sees a giant frog. Ichika admits that when she was a child she was scared of her father, but now the spell doesn’t work for her.

Ichika is shocked by the memories. She sees her father angry for her because there’s no war. She then sees her father talking to Yami about “rebuilding the Yami clan” and offering a “secret medicine passed down through generations” that brings out his demonic potential. The next memory we see is Yami turns down the drink, and her father probably forcibly feeds it to Ichika, she then goes berserk and begins slaughtering people from her clan. This means that Yami blamed his sister for killing the clan.

Black Clover 347 continues, Ichika is shocked and asks herself if it was really she who killed the clan. In last memory of her father says, “as expected of my child, Ichika.” Now, back to the present, Daizaemon says they can’t lose yet, but he’s barely standing. Lily responds by saying that Lucius has a place for them all in his new world filled with peace and about to unleash another attack.

Ichika is still in the trauma of her past and thinks she is weak. As she was about to be slashed by the enemy, but Asta appears on time and saves her, reminding her of Yami, who saved her from her father’s abuse.

Black Clover Chapter 347 Release Date

Black Clover chapter 347 will be officially released online on Friday, January 6th 2023. You can read the latest chapter free on the official sites of Manga Plus and Biz Media. here are the release times the new chapters will follow in different locations:

  • Pacific Time: 8:00 AM
  • Japan Time: 12:00 AM
  • Indian Time: 8:30 PM
  • Central Time: 10:00 AM
  • Eastern Time: 11:00 AM
  • British Time: 4:00 PM
  • European Time: 5:00 PM

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