One Punch Man 165: Garou Unleash Nuclear Technique to Defeat Saitama!

One Punch Man 165: Garou Unleash Nuclear Technique to Defeat Saitama!

One Punch Man chapter 165 has been released on Thursday, June 9, 2022, and now you can read One Punch Man manga chapter 165 in this article.

In One Punch Man chapter 165 this time, we are again shown the battle between Garou and Saitama.

Because in the previous chapter, Garou who had risen again after being given power by the figure of God, who disguised himself as the Master, namely Silver Bang.


One Punch Man chapter 165 this time is titled by Murata Sensei, with the title ‘Absolute Evil‘.

In the initial panel of One Punch Man chapter 165, Garou is seen walking in his Cosmic monster form, after getting the power of God.

Garou’s scary face, looks radiant because he gets God’s power, and there is also the moon that illuminates Garou’s path.

A messenger from hell has come, along with despair. Write in the first panel of One Punch Man chapter 165.

Then in the next panel, we are then explained about the power of the Silver Bang, about the secret technique in boxing belonging to the S-class hero number 3.

Where is Bang’s Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, a technique that takes knowledge from the energy flow behind the strong currents and big waves, and then recreates it in the wearer’s body.

Now Garou’s ability to instantly absorb and imitate any technique is the result of the development of the water flow technique. And now, with the power of the universe, Garou has now obtained the knowledge, and nature of all the powers of the universe.

One Punch Man 165: Garou Unleash Nuclear Technique to Defeat Saitama!
One Punch Man 165 (Image: Twitter/Octaprism)

All Life Eradication Fist,” said Garou who attacked Saitama first.

And with his fist called Nuclear Fission, Garou managed to hit Saitama. A huge explosion is then created, wherein Garou’s current power is similar to that of nuclear fusion.

One Punch Man 165: Garou nuclear fission
One Punch Man 165 (Image: Twitter/ryujin_sensei)

Several heroes who were near the battle area between Garou and Saitama, also felt the vibrations and waves from Garou’s nuclear explosion.

Even in the aircraft carrier that is in the vicinity of Garou and Saitama’s location, then it activates Decontamination, which means Garou’s power is genuine nuclear energy.

The crew on the ship and the captain panicked. And now Garou’s attacks seem to be getting more and more, and getting bigger, which means that Nuclear power is overflowing.***

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