One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers – The mystery of Bonnie’s birth is shocking!

One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers - The Birth of Bonney

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One Piece Spoilers Chapter 1097 | Reverend Kuma’s “Miraculous Hand”

  • One Piece Chapter 1097 is titled “Ginny”.
  • Thirty years ago, 8 years after God Valley, the Sorbet Kingdom of the South Sea.
  • At the age of 17, Kuma became a pastor
  • With the ability of Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, a Kuma that repels the pain of the elderly.
  • The old people called the Kuma’s hand a “Miracle hand”.
  • At the age of 21, Ginny has become a beautiful woman and is popular with the men in the village

One Piece Spoilers Chapter 1097 | Stingy Sorbet Kingdom King Bekori

  • Bekoli, the new king of the Sorbet Kingdom, is ridiculed by the people as a stingy king with no heart.
  • King Bekori is at the mercy of Celestial Dragons.
  • Kuma used to heal people’s illnesses and injuries every Sunday.
  • At night, a Kuma takes the pain he expels from people.
  • The pain that the Kuma starts to repel will return to its owner over time.
  • Ginny is crying, saying that no one knows that the Kuma is suffering.
  • Kuma says that if everyone he helped is happy, he is happy too.

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1097 – Sorbet Kingdom Divided into Two

  • 25 years ago, 26-year-old Ginny proposes marriage to 22-year-old Kuma, but he is rejected.
  • Kuma refuses to marry because he doesn’t want the same tragedy that happened to Kuma’s parents to happen to Ginny.
  • Monkey D. Dragon of the Volunteer Army are published in the newspaper, and Kuma wants to save as many people as they did.
  • Kuma told the kidnapper to release the people he kidnapped.
  • The kidnapper tells Kuma that the laws have changed so that he can use the people of the south as he pleases.
  • In order to reduce the amount of money, Bekoli turned the north into a Sorbet kingdom and the south into a lawless region.
  • The amount of money is determined by the number of citizens.
  • The south was abandoned because there were many old people and little heavenly gold.
  • The Kuma Church is also on the south side.
  • Kuma knows that kidnapped humans are treated like slaves, so he attacks the kidnapper with Ursus Shock.

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 1097 – Ginny is kidnapped

  • Kuma is imprisoned, and Ginny and Gyogyo, who came to Kuma’s rescue, are also imprisoned.
  • Bekori’s policy was the wisdom of Tenryujin.
  • Volunteer Army appears in Sorbet Kingdom and defeats Bekori and the others.
  • The Sorbet Kingdom abolishes the policy of dividing the country into two.
  • Volunteer troops help imprisoned Kuma.
  • Kuma and Ginny are invited by Ivankov to join the volunteer army.
  • The Self-Brave Army was originally an organization that started demonstrations.
  • However, with the arrival of the age of piracy and the tragedy of O’Hara, they decided to arm themselves and changed their name to the Revolutionary Army.
  • The revolutionary army is short of funds.
  • Dragon lends a hand to the rebellious country and says he wants to eventually make the Revolutionary Army a world-class army.
  • Dragon is a former marine and says there was no justice in the navy.
  • Kuma following the dragon..
  • Eight years have passed, and Ginny has become the military commander of the Eastern Army.
  • Ginny is looking forward to meeting Kuma again after a long time.
  • The dragon receives a report that Ginny has been kidnapped.
  • It seems there was an unexpected enemy.

One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoiler – Ginny Becomes Celestial Dragons’s Wife

The title of One Piece Chapter 1098 is “The Birth of Bonney“.

The story begins when Baltigo sends a message to Ivankov asking him to come for reinforcements as the Tumi rebellion in South Blue is losing ground.

However, Ivankov and his friends have just left the Kingdom of East Blue Gore and cannot make it in time.
So Kuma said he would go for reinforcements.

Ivankov hears Kuma’s words and warns him that he has been too reckless since then.

The “that” Ivankov refers to is the incident where Ginny was kidnapped.

It was the World Government that kidnapped Ginny.
It seems that Ginny was actually in the eyes of the World Noble, and she was taken away to make her his wife .
What’s more, the troops Ginny was leading had been wiped out.

After Tumi’s rebellion is over, Kuma reports to the dragon and returns to Baltigo by ship.

One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoiler – Ginny suffering from sapphire scales

Two years have passed since Ginny was kidnapped as the wife of a Celestial Dragon.

A woman on a boat said to her baby, whom she named Bonnie, “ We’ve arrived, Bonnie.” ” and they arrive at an island.

Then, the Kuma in Baltigo received a message from someone. That someone is Ginny.

Ginny is said to have returned to the lower world by Kuma, but in reality, she was abandoned because she was told that she was sick and was no longer needed.

Furthermore, Ginny says that this message is a farewell message to everyone.
When Kuma heard this, he panicked and said, “ What are you talking about, Ginny, where are you?! I’m leaving right away!’ ‘

Ginny then tells everyone that she is about to die.
Ginny said, “ I’m happy for Kumachi’s feelings, but he must never come to see me .”

Worried for Ginny’s safety, Kuma can no longer stay with him and uses his powers to fly away, saying, ” Get away! There’s only one place for him to go home! “

Ginny said, “ Please take care of Kumachi, Dragon and Ivankov, ” and she said, “ Kumachi, I’ll always love you. ”

One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoiler 1098 – Dying Ginny

One Piece Chapter 1098
One Piece Chapter 1098

Of course, the place where Ginny returned to was the Kuma’s Church .

When Kuma returns to the church, he finds the old men and Ginny’s cold body .
The old people said that when exposed to natural light, Ginny’s body turned blue and stone-like .

A Kuma holds Ginny’s body. The memories with Ginny come back to Kuma’s mind. And before her life ends, Ginny reaches the church, soaking up the sun so that Bonnie can live.

When Kuma saw Bonnie, he said, “ Don’t worry Ginny… ” and decided that he would be the one to raise Bonnie.

One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoiler 1098 – Bonnie suffers from the same disease as her Mother

After that, Kuma raises Bonnie with the help of old people.

Kuma is told by an old woman that the angle of the milk is wrong.
What’s more, when Bonnie sleeps, she sleeps in a steel cage so that the Kuma doesn’t accidentally trample her.

And like Ginny, Bonnie, who drinks milk, was also a big eater.
Kuma remembers Ginny who said “I don’t like it”.

Kuma continues to raise Bonnie’s child and serve as the revolutionary army.
By the way, the scene where Kuma trains Sabo was also drawn.

However, one day the Kuma blocks all the windows in the church. Gyogyo and the others ask why the Kuma blocked the window of the church, but they discover that Bonnie has a blue stone on her right cheek, the same as Ginny’s.

Gyogyo and his friends think that Bonnie is in danger and call a doctor, but they don’t know what kind of illness she has.

Kuma can no longer leave Bonnie’s side and decides to quit the Revolutionary Army.
The dragon allows Kuma to quit the Revolutionary Army and seems to be looking for a doctor who can cure Bonnie’s illness.

Bonnie, now five years old, can’t leave the church and is teased by the children for being a vampire.
However, Bonnie, who is as strong-willed as Ginny, dropkicks one of his children.

Kuma never leaves Bonnie’s side and plays with her. Then Kuma asked Bonnie, “ If you get better and go on a trip, where would you like to go?
Bonnie says she wants to go to Sky Island, and she says it’s close to the sun so he might be able to meet Nika.

However, one day, Kuma is told the cruel truth by a doctor. Kuma and the doctor speak quietly so Bonnie can’t hear them.

Bonnie’s illness isblue scale“It was an incurable disease.’
‘ Bonnie lived a life where she did not go out of church, but her condition seems to be progressing.

Furthermore, Bonnie listens to the story of the Kuma and the doctor, and mistakenly believes that the disease will be cured once the Kuma is 10 years old.
Kuma is happy, but he has no choice but to tell Bonnie the truth.

When Bonnie turned six years old, King Bekoli began killing his people.
It was truly a return to what happened 16 years ago.

The old men feared King Bekoli and asked Kuma for help.

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