35 Best Isekai Anime You Should Watch Right Now (2023)

Best Isekai Anime You Should Watch Right Now

Isekai anime are both imaginative, funny and full of heart. Mostly, the people living in various strange worlds and their attempts to survive after their unexpected appearance are addressed by the isekai genre. All that relates to the whole story line allows of thrilling action, reflective analysis, personality development, and superb animation in the whole of the narrative itself.

Some of these anime, which are usually classified as isekai, become classic hits. There are so many classic anime shows that have been placed in this category, it is impossible to count them all. However, isekai is rich soil for some incredible storytelling that comes about with unfettered imagination. What is the best isekai anime of all times?

The Eminence In Shadow Season 2

Japanese TitleKage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! 2nd Season
Start DateOctober 4
Where to StreamHIDIVE

Ending the year on a high note, The Eminence in Shadow will be making its long-awaited return, and the anime can continue up the road Season 1 started off strong and gradually improved as it fleshed out the Shadow Garden cast members so two in, and laid the groundwork for a potentially superior sequel Not the purpose

Assuming it sticks with the source material, Season 2 will likely see the “heroes” head to the Lawless City, which can be relied upon to deliver comedic, suspenseful stories its drama will be given in the shadow of Her Majesty who happens to carry the still body of the Red Queen.

I’m In Love With The Villainess

Japanese TitleWatashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou.
StudioPlatinum Vision
Start DateOctober 3, 2023
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

Villainess stories are starting to become commonplace, and most of the time seems to provide an alternative. I’m In Love with The Villainess provides a nice twist in this thread when the hero wakes up as the heroine of Otome Game instead of his villain; However, she decides to reveal the latter instead of any of the male candidates in the opposite harem.

Inori is highly regarded in both the manga and the light novels, and there’s no reason why the anime adaptation should fall short. Platinum Vision has produced a particularly decent but unimpressive series, but Kono Otto Tomare!: Sounds of Life shows that the studio can do.

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Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered But Overly Cautious

Japanese TitleShinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru
StudioWhite Fox
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

One of things that Iseai will like most is an overpowered protagonist who can blow up skyscrapers with just one attack. For his part, he ends up answering an appeal for assistance from Ristarte, a goddess, who finds herself confronted with an endangered planet that lies on the brink of destruction.ederbörd климат делиться на два типа This translates to adequate training and absolutely no risks during engagements.

Cautious Hero: The Hero Overpowers Ristarette is an almost humorous quest, which arises from their love-hate relationship.ipage=output.html The anime relies heavily on humor. It employs a particular way of thinking that is typical for the main character in order to create comedy gold.

KamiKatsu: Working For God In A Godless World

Japanese TitleKaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou
StudioStudio Palette
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

In another case, the son of a cult leader called Yukito dies his father’s hands and wakes up in a world where there are no gods. Though not as exciting as Yukito had hoped, he later regards his new life as much better than what he is accustomed. However, this is changed by the fact that two of his close friends are selected for murder solely because they dread death. Unexplainably, this has caused the creation of a society that sees death only as a normal occurrence, and vilifies anyone who doesn’t view it the same. Fortunately, Yukio’s former cult deity came to visit him.

KamiKatsu might as well be called Tonal Whiplash: It’s that Anime and I must say this as a complement. The narrative shifts from childish slapstick to horrifying images without warning, sometimes happening even in one minute. This issekai anime is good or bad; depending on a viewer, and yet no one will say that it is “a bore”.

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion

Japanese TitleKanojo ga Koushaku-tei ni Itta Riyuu
StudioTyphoon Graphics
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

Pushed over the edge, Rinko wakes up as a secondary character of a fantasy book that she used to read. However, Raeianna, her host, will be killed by her lover. Knowing how painful it would be to Rinko, she goes ahead to try to make an agreement with the powerful Noah a duke so attractive and appealing but actually evil and very crafty.

In fact, that entire show rests on the shoulder of Raeliana/Rinko who is more than capable of being a proper protagonist carrying the burden. Raeliana is a smart but non godlike character who functions as a stand in for the audience yet still retains her own individual identity and definition as more than just a self insert lead. His ways are also funny yet in-comprehensible, his decisions and intentions not easy to read.

Grimgar: Ashes And Illusions

Japanese TitleHai to Gensou no Grimgar
StudioA-1 Pictures
Where to StreamCrunchyrollHulu

On the surface, Grimgar: Like any other game-themed isekai anime, ashes and illusions looks like this: teenagers wake up in a bizarre world built upon MMO tropes and only can survive. Unlike for many others shows Grimgar can be different because though the world may borrow from MMOs as a game, but it does not follow its rules. In most other animes minor threats are just deadly in Grimgar, death is not just a waving thing.

However, grimgar is very slow and has little speed, with much attention put in the building up of a large number of characters being eased into the grimgar world in a harsh manner.

Demon King From Today!

Japanese TitleKyou kara Maou!
StudioStudio Deen
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

Demon King from Today! begins by sending its main character, a simple Japanese guy Yuri Shibuya, down the toilet, which transports him into a different world. Soon enough he is referred to as Demon King and his actions put him right at the heart of the demon world’s hostile behavior towards humans. The bizarre beginning sets the tone for the rest of this show, and that’s what Kyou kara Maou! it is often hard to tell apart silliness from pathos.

Demon King from Today! A Show, which is comparatively aged and seems not to be known by people as it was shown originally. This isekai anime is not perfect but generally reasonable owes largely to characters such as Wolfram (yes, Yuri). Pacing is not always consistent in the show, sometimes it looks like a formula. However, it’s worth watching.

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Uncle From Another World

Japanese TitleIsekai Ojisan
Where to StreamNetflix

Uncle from Another World was a huge success from the first to the ninth month. The comedy anime had become an old news by the time the final episode aired leaving it in the footnote of 2022 anime offerings instead of as a possible highlight. However, the fact that today one can watch the whole of Uncle from Another World makes it no less frustrating.

So, it depends since most of the comedies are subjective. Ojisan finds himself in a hospital bed on earth almost two decades after leaving for a different world where he had stayed for so long until he meets his nephew, Tai-kafumi. However, Takafumi is hesitant about this at first but he gets convinced and becomes a true believer after witnessing Ojisan’s magic like power such as television-like ability which acts as a flashback machine for showing him his travel experiences in the other world.

Uncle from Another World is based on a smart joke that pokes fun at isekai characters, while at the same time adding a myriad of ‘90s (mostly Sega) references. However, this show can be considered as immature sense of humour especially in the case of old man interactions with a female elf which some people may not like.

Now And Then, Here And There

Japanese TitleIma, Soko ni Iru Boku
Where to StreamN/A

At the turn of the third millennium, Now and then, here and there is perfect for people tired of isekai power fantasies. It is an ordinary boy called Shuu who meets an unknown girl, he is taken by horrible monsters into a wasted world and after this it lasts about the following 13 chapters, where he goes through Hell.

Anime like Now and Then, Here and There does have a focus on more than just the main hero. Despite being a one cur anime, this is just splendid in the way that it explores many forgettable characters from the 1999 isekai series.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Japanese TitleTate no Yuusha no Nariagari
StudioKinema Citrus
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

As the first season continued, the Rising of the Shield Hero’s reputation began to diminish due to what viewers considered to be subpar content in comparison to the previous episodes, and the sequel did not help matters in any way. One day, naofumi Iwatani, is summoned into a fantasy world where he is expected to be the shield hero; however, he is wrongly accused of a crime and then rejected by people living in that world.

Despite being anything but subtle, the first couple episodes of The Rising of the Shield Hero are deliberately enraging and engrossing. This makes it seem that they are probably suggesting that this is like another type of a darker than usual kind of an isekai anime, which at last the anime itself does not manage to fulfill eventually. This anime draws mixed reactions, but it is a good choice for viewers who want a kind of “power fantasy” movie.

Digimon Adventure

Japanese TitleDigimon Adventure
StudioToei Animation
Where to StreamHooplaHulu

Digmon Adventure was a beloved classic show through which many kids’ eyes were opened to the world of anime. Moreover, you have probably seen this particular series, just like other ones; most of them were watched before you even heard about the isekai genre. Although the series has a significant amount of time spent in the human world, most of it is dedicated to stories of the DigiDestined in the Digital World.

Surprisingly enough, the original series, Digimon Adventure has aged incredibly well. With a confident mix of action, drama, comedy, and characterization, this anime created an ongoing epic adventure that has been revered for nearly twenty years since it ended. The other one which was also good, is Digimon Tamers, yet the main characters do not pass much time in the digital world.

Campfire Cooking In Another World With My Absurd Skill

Japanese TitleTondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

A kingdom is searching for heroes and it summons Tsuyoshi Mukouda to a new world, however, because of what seems like weak ability on part of Tsuyoshi Mukouda, there are instructions given to him that he ought to go without a guardian. Unlike immense power or a natural affinity with all kinds of magic, Tsuyoshi can use an app that lets him conjure Earth based stuffs. Through this service, the man becomes engaged into his own hobby of cooking, which soon lands him the most formidable and ravenous familiar.

From my perspective, Campfire Cooking in another world with absurd skill by Tsuyoshi describes an adventurous and relaxing journey of a guy trying to enjoy life in the isekai world. Till now, the anime has avoided any fight or an underlying plot, instead preferring a relaxed storyline. The friendship between Tsushiyoshi and his familiars, Fel and Sui, has been the main theme of the story and I found it always delightful.

Sonny Boy

Japanese TitleSonny Boy
Where to StreamCrunchyrollHulu

Directed and scripted by Shingo Naksume, he has earlier worked on One Punchman, Space Dandy, and another series named Boogie Pop and others, ‘Sonny Boy’ is a not-so-common coming-of age account which unfolds as the The story centers on a number of students who are taken to an unknown island with some of them growing unnatural powers. As expected, such influences result into many distressing scenes whereby the characters’ dynamics and power balance are affected.

Unpredictable, disjointed, not that satisfying as Sonny Boy. The anime does not answer most of the questions asked by the fans who saw it once, so watching it again is not superfluous, in order to collect all the nuances of the plot. However, the ambitions of the anime is not to be faulted as it clearly shows forth.


Japanese TitleGate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
StudioA-1 Pictures
Where to StreamHuluHIDIVE

Japan is invaded by Empire that results in an intense struggle between the empire and JSDF, a gate to fantasy world.� This last group manages to fend off these hostile forces and sends a contingent of soldiers into this new world once the smoke clears. Among them is Itami, a die hard otaku character who ends up forging friendships with a group of three girls portraying stereotypes of fantasy archetypes.

The iseseia in GATE has turned out to be very funny for one will not be able to identify what is real from what is false; one has to watch the movie with seriousness even though it is entertaining. Itami is just a good character with many supporting secondary characters. The show’s success lies in the fact that his harem has some of the most loveable personalities.

Ya Boy Kongming!

Japanese TitleParipi Koumei
StudioP.A. Works
Where to StreamHIDIVE

To the most pleasant surprise of spring 2022 Ya, Boy Kong Ming! makes fun with a nonsensical assumption, turning it into gold. A strategist from the Three Kingdom’s-era, Kongmin, who becomes a famous person in twentieth century Tokyo, is the eponymous character who dies, then reincarnated as his younger self. The strangeness is elevated by Kongming’s becoming the manager of Eiko Tsukumi, a wannabe pop star who is trying to make a name for herself while chasing after her dreams of stardom.

Ya Boy Kongming! the two leads develop a tenderly emotional rapport leading to each of them excelling. The idea might be silly, but the anime gives real weight to any person living in this world (the idol one) which makes people involved with Eiko and Kongming’s road trip. Also, the OP is incredible.

Magic Knight Rayearth

Japanese TitleMagic Knight Rayearth
StudiosTokyo Movie Shinsha, TMS Entertainment
Where to StreamAmazon Prime VideoPlex (Season 1)

A conventional anime, Magic Knight Rayearth is a good deal extra than meets the attention. Three school ladies are teleported to Cephiro, a world that emphasizes a person’s will, and they speedy find themselves on an journey to rescue a princess. In its early hours, Magic Knight Rayearth plays things relatively safe, delivering a lighthearted movement-adventure narrative with quirky characters, exhilarating fights, and fun villains.

As things progress, the anime becomes regularly darker, a change that works inside the show’s prefer. Although they start off as rather stereotypical, the three leads increase quite a chunk, specifically in the 2d season.


Japanese TitleDrifters
StudioHoods Drifters Studio
Where to StreamN/A

Bringing together a who’s who of ancient figures, Drifters is a bloody and gloriously outlandish isekai collection that does wonders with its absurd premise. Essentially, vital figures from records are dropped right into a fable global to duke it out as both Drifters or Ends.

Drifters act as a resistance force in opposition to the Ends’ oppressive regime, leading to masses of exquisite moments inclusive of Toyohisa Shimazu going through off in opposition to an insane Jeanne d’Arc. Drifters’ quick run does truly hurt its attraction as the tale is some distance from complete, but the to be had content material is pinnacle-notch.

Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play

Japanese TitleFushigi Yuugi
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

Even after more than two decades, Fushigi Yugi is definitely among the minor classics and it is certainly not one of the most watchable pieces nowadays. This may be due to their nostalgic attachment to this show or because they generally enjoy old tropes in a showjoa. Upon a reading of a book, Miaka finds herself in some other world, and it does not take long for her to understand that she is a priestess and a key factor in incanting of the god.

There would be several episodes centring on Miaka being a virgin in order for her to perform the ritual. With an intriguing plot of the love triangle and well-developed fantasy world worth discovering, Fushigi Yugi is still an interesting series though it has a lot of annoyances. An updated version would do well as an improved animation was barely good enough for that era.

The Eminence In Shadow

Japanese TitleKage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!
Where to StreamHIDIVE

The Eminence in Shadow was the excellent new isekai anime of Fall 2022, even though it may have additionally been the maximum polarizing. After assembly Truck-kun, Cid awakens in a fable global that lets in him to pursue his dream: to be the mastermind pulling the strings from the shadows. As this society does no longer have hidden corporations, Cid opts to conjure them out of skinny air, developing a secret heroic group designed to fight a shady cult. In order to preserve up this ruse, Cid pretends to be a mean nobody in public.

The Eminence in Shadow is unpredictable. The anime appears to exchange genres and tone at a moment’s word; as an example, the pilot is essentially an movement-mystery, at the same time as the 1/3 episode ventures into rom-com territory. Due to this structure, the show would possibly run hot and cold with some viewers, in particular if the humor does not click. Still, it’s miles worth looking to peer what The Eminence in Shadow pulls out of its bag subsequent.

Ascendance Of A Bookworm

Japanese TitleHonzuki no Gekokujou: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan wo Erandeiraremasen
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

Although the Eminence in Shadow probably will have been the best new isekai anime of Fall 2022, it will have certainly have also been the most polarizing. After meeting Truck-kun, Cid awakens in a fantasy world that allows him to pursue his dream: the puppet master, manipulating the strings. Since there are no secret units in this society, Cid decides to create a fictitious heroic group to fight a shadow gang. To maintain this facade, Cid acts like an ordinary person in the streets.

Eminence in Shadow is not predictable. The anime changes genre and mood in an instance, such as pilot that is almost of the action-thriller type, versus third edition where it borders into rom-com. The nature of the show may prove hot or cold when viewed by particular audiences depending on whether the jokes resonate. Nonetheless, you may look forward to witnessing the next trick that The Eminence in Shadow draws from its bag.

The Twelve Kingdoms

Japanese TitleJuuni Kokuki
StudioStudio Pierrot
Where to StreamCrunchyrollTubi

Escapist fantasy shows are not wrong. It is great that you can get away from reality even if for some time and enjoy an unrestrained adrenaline-packed action without any serious psychological strain. Isekai has worked well for this format, but it can still be found in some series that run counter to the above structure.

It is a more extensive analysis of the kingdom and the protagonist, Yoko Nakajima. Yoko is a delightful leading figure, and her obstacles are convincing enough to hook fans of diverse origins.

Sword Art Online

Japanese TitleSword Art Online
StudioA-1 Pictures
Where to StreamCrunchyrollHulu (Season 1)Netflix (Alicization)

Probably the best known isekai series, Sword Art Online, receives highly varying response, a tendency made worse by exposure. This “game” is one that is SAO-named since in it the gamers got trapped within their gaming world one day. The tale is centered on Kirito, a powerful black knights’ type, and he interacts with various (female) characters including Asuna.

It is true that there are problems with SAO, with some seasons definitely being greater than others; however, it goes without saying. The spin off of Sword Art Online Alternative (Gun Gale Online as the secondary title) is very nice along with the main show.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Japanese TitleHataraku Maou-sama!
StudioWhite Fox
Where to StreamCrunchyrollHuluTubi (Season 1)

Did someone ever think that they would enjoy watching a satirical sitcom about the Devil working at McDonald’s? Through such entertaining characters as the devil in part timer. it even happens that the “Isekai” anime, with rising above the top of other isekai ones’ fans like list.

This 2013 season is also highly animated and has really good humor, generating numerous scenes with viewers’ head exploding in laughter. Although it was not bad at all, The Devil is a Part-Timer. However, the second season failed to match its predecessor. Season 2 also deviated from a lot of things that made watching the first seasons exciting and fun like inconsistent animation, departure from its fast-food setting. Through Alas Ramus, a sweet kid who has taken Maou and Emi for parenting, the bond between them becomes more neutral as they learn how to coexistingly survive each other.

The Boy And The Beast

Japanese TitleBakemono no Ko
StudioStudio Chizu
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

In a movie called ‘The Boy and the Beast’, direct by Mamoru Hosoda, the two outcasts first meet before having another best half hour exchange. A young child named Ren gets separated from his family and becomes friends with the immature monster named Kumatetsu and visits the unseen city called Shibuten, which is out of sight from humans. As a result, Ren and Kumatestsu are very difficult to get used to each other. However, these two become inseparable.

It is generally a beautiful movie with fascinating topics, which boasts for an excellent hero, namely Ren. Despite its strong first hour, the second one might seem forced and ends up with an unfulfilling end.

The Vision Of Escaflowne

Japanese TitleTenkuu no Escaflowne
Where to StreamFunimation

When Sunrise released The Vision of Escaflowne in 1996, it was just plain wicked; even time has managed to do very little to diminish its radiance. However, Hitomi Kanzaki finds himself in a strange world known as Gaea with mecha, perfect and at the same time uncommon architecture as well as political events there. She also meets a prince, Van Fanel, that seems to be somewhat childish and stupid at first, though he is actually very sophisticated later on.I Nearly all the main characters have hidden depth as their staple.

The vision escaflowne has a balanced mixer of various generes to achieve a product that appeals to male and females alike. Isekai anime provides an action, adventure, and love tale with a perfect balance of these genres. Although dated, the animation is consistently great.

Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-kun

Japanese TitleMairimashita! Iruma-kun
StudioBandai Namco Pictures
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

The luckiest person is not Iruma Suzuki and he continues to show this as his fortune seemingly turns for the worst, and then his parents decide to sell him out to a demon. He is surprised to discover that being a grandson of a head demond school is quite good and even cool. Still, being a human in the Netherworld means that Iruma must look like a demon to avoid becoming someone’s meal.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun’s shōnen tale, which provides action, comical, romantic, and adventurous aspects. Iruma is an endearing character, and his cast does not fall short as they each contribute something special to the film.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Japanese TitleMushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
StudioStudio Bind
Where to StreamCrunchyrollHulu

The story is about this nameless 34 year old homeless man reborn into a fantastic universe titled Mushoku Tensei which translates to Jobless Reincarnation. The show begins in an unusual way introducing a desperate man seeking to make one final decent act before he dies.

It is hard-hitting in a sense, and that gives rise to an intriguingly self-reflexive performance. The protagonist gets another opportunity in his life, and his subsequent decision is admirable. Like in most other Isekai anime, this show will keep its audience thinking for long.

Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Japanese TitleYoujo Senki
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

Sometimes an Isekai arises and puts a twist towards an anti-hero or plain villain as its main character. However, the English title for Youjo Senki presents an impression of a much darker main character than the show provides. Yet despite this, it is interesting watching how cold and distant Tanya Degurechaff is, against a very harsh backdrop.

Therefore being X makes the man who is about to die, a girl in a country at war, reincarnated into the body of a teenage girl living under oppression. Taking advantage of her experiences during WW I and II, Tanya embarks on a mission to survive until the end and disprove Being X.

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World!

Japanese TitleKono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
StudioStudio Deen
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

Isekai however is not a genre; it therefore involves thrillers, character pieces, historical dramas and possibly even horror. As naturally, there are a lot of isekai comedies which cannot be compared to anything but with konosuba. Sometimes, appearing like an isekai parody, the program concerns itself with Kazuma, a teenage boy who perishes in an unbelievable manner and is redeemed—albeit not gracefully–by an equally disgraceful deity named Aqua herself.

Therefore, when asked to select only one item to bring to a new world, Kazuma chooses Aqua who often becomes a reason of him to regret afterwards. When Kazuma starts gathering a group of freaks, KonoSuba sets for a chain of unrefined mischievousness leading to countless hilarious moments.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Japanese TitleTensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

Nonetheless, this series surprisingly maintains to conform with numerous isekai clichés but still either breaks or better them. This issekai outshines its modest concept through the development of some of the most fascinating characters not only in the Iseki genre, but in anime overall.

The show has earned its position as one of anime history’s most coveted in two seasons, rightfully so. One of the strengths of this anime is in the development of characters and how it developed throughout the series. The Slime Diaries: Similarly, that time I got reincarnated as a slime is another good spin-off to watch if you want to spend even more time with these character’s.


Japanese TitleOverlord
Where to StreamCrunchyrollHulu (Seasons 1 & 2)Tubi (Season 1)

Among the best and most creative isekai series that have come out in recent times, one stands out as Overlord. However, strong personality of momoga gets trapped as Ooal Gown in Ainz. His Lordship Momonga considers the lives and safety of his people as his top priority which is why he treats each threat seriously. However, Overlord’s main character does not actually begin by being “evil”, but he becomes more so especially in the last two seasons.

It is an epic, funny, and heartfelt show with a critical eye to various things that other anime just glaze over. For example, it talks about what such a being of almost unlimited power would experience when put into a controlling environment globally. Being locked in a closed games has been used before but giving it a different twist with the stranger in a strange land trope has been quite unique for some isekais.


Japanese TitleInuYasha
Where to StreamNetflixTheRokuChannel (54 Episodes)YouTube

Takihachi’s special skill on how to intertwine action, love, horror, mystery, and adventure keeps millions glued to her work. Her great works include some of the best manga such as Ranma half and Maison ikkoku that she created.

The other product that she created is Inuyasha, which became a highly popular epic tale of love and thriller in Japan and continued telling good stories for more than ten years. This series embodies what all isekai shows must have and sets standards for the whole genre. One should start with Inuyusa as a beginning point if he or she aims to start exploring isekai world.

No Game No Life

Japanese TitleNo Game No Life
Where to StreamHIDIVE (Including Movie)Hulu

Always there are attractive for some cause, movies about Hikikomoris’s psycho. Like in No Game No Life where the two main characters are Hikikomori as well as excellent gamers. Tet, the god challenges them to a game of chess where they win and plunge in the imaginary world of Disboard.

There is no way of causing offense or quarrels in Disboard. All disagreements must be done through game playing. That depicts a captivating view of conflict, and the ways in which the focal characters engage with the world is equally intriguing.

Log Horizon

Japanese TitleLog Horizon
StudioSatelight & Studio Deen
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

Unlike your average Isekai show starting off as an MMORPG-based one, Log Horizon stands out for its outstanding writing quality. Unlike other shows where the main characters are moved to Elder Tale and proceeds to construct a dreaming society for themselves.

It is smart and well-tempoed with smartly utilized action, unlike most shows that use high tension but slow pace when no action takes place. Nothing is swept under the carpet about these challenges of establishing a new society as well as living in peace. A slow-paced series has never been boring especially considering that it was one of the most intelligent and interesting Isekais of all times; I am certainly referring to Log Horizon here. Presently we have had two in circulation with another one in the offing.

Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World

Japanese TitleRe:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
StudioWhite Fox
Where to StreamCrunchyroll

Quite possibly the best isekai anime to focus on a down-and-out regular guy, Re: Zero starting life in another world is a classic. This series contains many of the standard isekai tropes but these are elevated by the high level of writing throughout.

The character of Subaru Natsuki is grounded and likable, while the rest of the cast is equally charming. The first season, in particular, managed to set itself apart from all other isekai anime released at the time, consisting of only a few episodes.

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