One Piece: The Reason Roronoa Zoro is Called the King of Hell

One Piece: The Reason Roronoa Zoro is Called the King of Hell

This is the explanation why the King of Hell became the nickname of Roronoa Zoro.

In the manga and anime One Piece, Zoro is nicknamed the King of Hell. Why was the nickname given to Roronoa Zoro?

Zoro is known to be one of the One Piece characters that made Big Mom fall. While fighting Kaido, Roronoa Zoro swung a massive sword attack towards Kaido dragon form.

Zoro Three Sword Style Asura
Zoro Three Sword Style Asura (Image: majkanart)

The Big Mom, who was in the same group as the Kaido, also told him to dodge, even though in his entire life, Kaido had never avoided an attack.

Roronoa Zorro himself is expected to be the main character in Onigashima Offensive. There is something interesting about this One Piece character, he was recently dubbed the King of Hell.

The reason is not far from the opening of Zoro left eye. Opening Zoro’s left eye allows him to enter King of Hell mode.

As previously mentioned, a popular fan theory is that Zoro has the Conqueror Haki, and can activate this power with his left eye.

Roronoa Zoro vs Killer Wano
Roronoa Zoro (Image: One Piece)

Another popular One Piece fan theory is that his left eye was closed to help Zoro maintain control of his Asura powers.

The gist of this theory is that Zoro was “possessed” by the demon Asura as a result of using his cursed sword in one piece.

Zoro fight with the King during the Onigashima Raid segment of the One Piece Wano arc, is without a doubt his most iconic fight.

Zoro’s development is also really shown in this Arc. He unlocked not only standard Conqueror’s Haki, but Advanced Conqueror Haki.

During his fight against the King, the Straw Hat Swordsman used the Three-Sword King of Hell Style style to cut the skin and defeat the King.

This technique makes Zoro deplete his Armament reserves and Conqueror Haki. However, However, he managed to launch a powerful attack and his range was far.

After defeating his foe, Zoro said he would even “become the King of Hell” to keep his promise to Luffy of never losing again.

Zoro I will become the king of hell
Zoro I will become the king of hell (Image: Allawitgr)

This actually refers to Enma sword, which is named after the Japanese-Buddhist king of Hell in the sect’s myth.

The East Asian sect of Buddhism has a similar deity called Yama, of which Enma is the Japanese version.

That’s why Roronoa Zoro got the nickname King of Hell in the anime and manga One Piece.

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