VIDEO: One Punch Man artist Yusuke Murata animates the battle of Saitama vs Garou

One Punch Man artist Yusuke Murata animates the battle of Saitama vs Garou.webp

Talented artist Yusuke Murata has finally stepped into the world of animation and now he’s gifted us with an exciting One Punch Man clip.

One Punch Man has stayed away from the screen since the second season ended, but Saitama hasn’t completely abandoned his star power. Thanks to artist Yusuke Murata, the superhero series has a new animated clip to share with fans.

And of course, the clip tackles an epic moment from Saitama’s last fight in the manga. Remember that Murata is the artist behind the One-Punch Man manga series, and his work gets nothing but praise these days.

It was only a matter of time before the talented illustrator decided it was time to tackle animation. As you can see below, Murata posted the anime video online to celebrate the new chapter of One Punch Man manga, and it’s beautiful:

One Punch Man: Saitama vs Garou

As you can see, the clip focuses on several heroes as they stand their ground on rocky terrain. The entire group looks skyward as a huge column of dust and debris remains in the clouds.

Artist Yusuke Murata animated the reel so that the cloud glows with light and energy. And before anyone asks, yes Saitama is fighting Garou. After all, Garou has been the bane of One-Punch Man’s existence lately in the manga.

One Punch Man 165 spoilers "Saitama vs Garou" (Image: VIZ Media)
One Punch Man 164 spoilers “Saitama vs Garou” (Image: VIZ Media)

The anime reached the villain’s debut a few years ago, but Murata has continued to develop Garou with monstrous energy. Lately, the bad guy has been giving everyone a run for their money, and even Saitama would cringe at Garo’s more powerful punches.

So if we get One Punch Man Season 3, let’s hope his animation team can handle whatever action Yusuke Murata throws at them. Previously.
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