10 New Korean Drama 2022: Murder Mysteries, Revenge, Comedy, Romance

10 New Korean Drama 2022: Murder Mysteries, Revenge, Comedy, Romance

New Korean Drama 2022 is coming to an end now and we already have some good dramas like The Fabulous, Summer Strike, Reborn Rich, etc. There will be many more dramas like this.

As October draws to an end. It features new roles from your favorite actors and compelling stories from various series. K-Drama fans should update their watchlists when new K-Drama releases in November 2022. They will all be released on Disney+ and Netflix. Click here for the list of Korean dramas released in New Korean Drama 2022.

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10 New Korean Drama 2022

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Here are ten of his dramas you can’t miss.

The Fabulous

A story of people who dedicated their lives to the fashion industry and struggled to survive.

Ji Woo Min is a freelance retoucher responsible for improving photographs. He’s handsome and good at his job, but he’s not good at his job and his passion for love.

Pyo Ji Eun has dreamed of working in the fashion industry since she was young. Despite his struggles in the fashion world, he survives with his bright personality and positive energy.

New Korean Drama 2022

Summer Strike

Lee Yeo Reum is dumped by her boyfriend, and right after that, her mother dies in an accident. She goes through one of the worst moments of her life. After that, Lee Yeo Reum decided to do nothing and live a completely different life. She quits her job and moves to a small village where everything is strange to her. There she meets the residents, including An Dae Beom, who works as a librarian, and she gets to know them. For some reason, she feels comfortable and happy when she is with Lee Yeo Reum.

Reborn Rich

Yoon Hyun Woo is a dedicated, hardworking, and loyal secretary to the Jin family who runs the lucrative Sunyang Group business empire. However, one day, he is betrayed by his family and suspected of embezzlement. He dies shortly thereafter, but miraculously ‘comes to life when he awakens in the body of Jin Do-Joo, the youngest son of the family.

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After realizing what happened, he decides to take his revenge. He plans to take revenge on Jin Yang Chul, the cold-blooded and money-hungry CEO of Sunyang Group. Yoon Hyun Wo uses his new “identity” to plan a hostile takeover of the group and punish those who killed him.


Sum (Kang Hae-Lim) is the developer of the social connectivity app Somebody. Although he is not good at communicating with people, he gets along well with Mok-Won (Kim Yong-Ji) and Ki-Eun (Kim Soo-Yeon). Her friend Kiwoon works as a detective.

A murder occurs, and the app “Somebody” is involved in the incident. Architect Yoon-O (Kim Young-Kwang) appears before Sam and his friends. Yoon-O is a charming man, but he seems to be hiding something. Meanwhile, Ki-Eun investigates a murder with Mok-Won’s help.

Revenge Of Others

Ok Chan-Mi (Shin Ye-Eun) is a 19-year-old high school student. She used to be a shooter for her high school team. One day, Ok Chang-mi’s twin brother passed away, and he learns the truth behind his death. She joins up with Ji Soo Hen. Ji Soo-hong retaliates for the threats made.

Call My Agent

Fanny Herrero originally created this show in French. And now, Baek Seung-ryong is releasing a Korean drama based on this one. Known for his strategic skills, General Director Ma Tae Oh (Lee) aims for success, but his competitive manager Cheon Je (Kwak) stands in his way. The original show was a hit, but it’s interesting to see the Korean punch.

Weak Hero Class 1

Yeon Shi Eun is a model student with excellent grades in high school. Despite his seeming weakness, Yeon Shi Eun uses his brain, tools, and psychology to confront the violence inside and outside the school.


Casino (2022) is a Disney+ original series about the man known as the King of Casinos who returns to the gambling scene to get his life back on track after losing everything in a series of unfortunate events.

Please Send Me a Fan Letter

A romantic comedy-drama in which a father writes a reply to his daughter in order to fulfill her daughter’s wish and receives a reply from the Korean Goddess.

The First Responders

The story is set in Method Entertainment, a major management company, and depicts their work, private life, and desires.

Ma Tae Oh works as a professional manager and is the General Director of Method Entertainment. She’s clever and kind, but she’s also a natural tactician and will go to great lengths to get what she wants.

Kim Joong Don is Cheon Je In’s best friend at work and is in the same position as the leader of the management team.

So Hyun Joo is a rookie manager who causes trouble at work. She has grown as a professional manager through her experience.

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