Is God Of War Ragnarok Coming To PC, PC Version Has Not Confirmed Yet

Is God Of War Ragnarok Coming To PC

God of War Ragnarok’s release is scheduled for 9th November 2022, and it’s closer than ever. Like many fans, we can’t wait to see how his Atreus story of Kratos and his son continues after 2018’s stunning reboot. play that game. But the port was really nice and made a great game even better.

What about God Of War Ragnarok? Will there be a sequel on PC? The first hints towards a possible PC version surfaced. It includes an interview with series creator Corey Barlog and an interesting clue left by one of his developers.

Is God Of War Ragnarok Coming To PC

God of War Ragnarok is finally Coming to PC. Sony has said it will release all single-player-only adventures on PC at least a year after the PS5’s release, though it doesn’t say when the games will hit Steam, the Epic Games Store, or other storefronts. Hmm. I don’t know exactly.

Sony regularly and consistently releases games on PC. So, guessing, it would be amazing if the game didn’t come to PC in November, December 2023, or early 2024. But this is our guess. However, you can rest assured that the game is finally coming to PC.

Now we have all the information on whether or not God of War Ragnarok is coming to PC. If you want a quick look at other aspects of the game before playing, check out our guides on how long it takes to beat God of War Ragnarok and explore each area of the game.

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