Bite The Bullet Chocolates Game

Bite The Bullet Chocolates Game

Need some party fun? Bite The Bullet Chocolates Game is a clever excuse to eat more chocolate while enjoying the adventurous game of Russian Roulette. A box of chocolates contains dice and 12 different numbered chocolates. There is chili inside. Roll it carefully. It could forever change the way you feel about chocolate.

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What is Bite The Bullet Chocolates Game?

This is a very tasty game of Russian roulette called “Bite the Bullet“, the packing contains 12 bullet-shaped chocolates, but inside one is a very hot pepper.

How To Bite The Bullet Chocolates Game?

In Bite The Bullet Chocolates Game, there are 12 bullet-shaped Chocolate, one of which contains very hot chilies. A dice with 8 faces is thrown, and the number that comes on the dice, you have to eat the chocolate bullet of the number.

WARNING before playing bite the bullet chocolate game

  • WARNING: Contains Hot Chili!
  • Net weight 100g
  • A fun party game for chocolate lovers
  • This product is not suitable for people with nut allergies


  • Package dimensions are approximately 19cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 2cm (D)

This product is no longer available, so you can buy a game product like Burn or Bliss Chocolates

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