One Piece Chapter 1102 spoiler prediction: Flashback ends – Will Kuma come to save Bonney?

One Piece 1102 spoiler prediction

Official One Piece Chapter 1102 spoiler prediction, chapter 1101 summary: Finally, Kuma’s flashback is done. In the meantime, will he return back to the present and rescue Bonney’s daughter from Jaygarcia Saturn?

Continue reminiscing. The kingdom of Goa hosted the Revolutionary Army for 12 years ago. As such Kuma discovered that the Dragon had a son who was none other than Luffy. Kuma was Luffy on his heels, but had to move quickly because of government orders.

Even as they sailed the ocean, Kuma continued sending letters to Bonney. When at Sorbet, Bonney was quite respectful and did not show any signs of her abilities in the presence of the nurses. Shortly afterwards Kumu went back to Egghead to undergo more procedures. It was there that he met with the Stussy clone.

As the time progressed, it was Bonneys’ 9th birthday. Bonney is okay again, but still Alpha will not release her from the apartment. She did not receive any letters sent from Kuma. Sorbet residents learned that nurses were working as spies and made arrangements to escort Bonney off, then search for Kuma. Alpha caught them in the process of implementing their plan. Bonny now does this with all abilities she possesses she ‘turns’ herself into Nika that is as she imagines and knocks her out.

One Piece Chapter 1102 spoiler prediction

Bonney's true form (Spoiler 1095) One Piece 1102 spoiler

From this, we may imagine that for Bonney nothing has occurred since parting ways and he has not seen the original Kuma yet. It is probably only for a very few that she becomes pirate and probably some of the crew can be Sorbet residents. Eventually after a while, Kumas’s operations ended as she sat and watched.

Hopefully in the next chapter, there will information be about Vegapunk swap with Kuma. Their words will help explain why Kuma ran all the way down to Mary Geoise when he regained consciousness.

The most likely ending of Bonney and Kuma’s flashback should probably happen in the next chapter. Bonney was completely clueless about the suffering that her father went through just in a bid to rescue her at the time they found Kuma, during the search for Bonney had no clue about all the agony her father’s experience and the sacrifices that were made in order to locate Bonney now has an idea, and she will dare face Satan in lieu of punishing Vegapunk.

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However, it might be good to bear in mind that Saturn ruled earlier than the flashback began. Who will save Bonney? ……the better scenario being Kuma walking in on us. He shall free Saturn using his powers of exterminating the Egghead. It will also give Bonney an opportunity to see his father once more since he had been roving for long. Development is a good thing, but whether it takes place is yet to unfold.

As the flashback slowly concludes, more and more prophecies about Egghead’s situation are revealed. According to the narrator, what happened in Egghead was worse than O’Hara. Will Egghead be annihilated? Possibility. But many fans predict that the terrible thing that will happen is… Saturn’s death!

Personally, what do you predict? Please leave a comment.

One Piece Chapter 1102 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1102 is expected to be released on December 25, 2023 Japan time. Spoiler information will be updated as the latest reveals become available.

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