One Punch Man Chapter 175 Reddit Spoilers, Release Date & Time

One Punch Man Chapter 175

Murata is plotting for the new arc. What else can we expect from One Punch Man Chapter 175 Spoilers. Our heroes, especially Sweet Mask and Fubuki, are back at work. the attention went on these two. Let’s see what they are up to.

The cover of the latest chapter is Fubuki, and the title is “Beauty“. We can see her going somewhere with her staff. Maybe it’s Sweet Mask because she says she gets violent, but she is going to meet Saitama.

One Punch Man Chapter 175 Fubuki
one punch man Fubuki (Image via u/Francis_Star)

The panel turns to Sweet Kamen’s agency, R-City. In R City, he is busy analyzing some footage on his phone. It turns out to be CCTV footage of Saitama’s encounter with Dr. Bofoi’s AI at the Hero Association’s Fortress. He couldn’t help but wonder if Saitama really destroyed those robots.

Meanwhile, Sweet Mask’s manager introduces the recently launched idol group “Bubbly Boys“. Since he is her senior, he insists on mentoring him. Both boys pass the hero test to maintain the notion that heroes are idols, like Sweet Mask.

One Punch Man Chapter 175 sweet mask
One Punch Man sweet mask

They eventually succeed in angering Sweet Mask, and this immediately provokes the boys’ fight-or-flight response when he assumes his protégé.

The panel cuts to the scene where Saitama is hanging out with his new neighbor, who is upset that he doesn’t follow social protocol. Sitting next to him were his three new heroes, Butterfly DX, Forte, and Chain-toad. Saitama makes new friends in no time!

One Punch Man Chapter 175 Reddit Spoilers

All the other top heroes, including Bofoi, have their eyes on Saitama. However, the main feature of the manga is comedy, so it could be a fun story. It seems that Sweet Mask has closing in on the truth about Saitama’s power, but nothing concrete can be found.

In this chapter, Tatsumaki encounters Psykorochi. Tatsumaki starts evacuating everyone out, and there’s almost no conflict like in the underground monster base. Now begins a battle between women with psychic powers.

Let’s see how it goes, and what Murata and ONE have planned next.

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One Punch Man Chapter 175 Raw Scan Release Date

At the time of this writing, there are no One Punch Man Chapter 175 spoilers available, you can find them in online groups like 4chan and Reddit. So, we predict that it will be available in this week, October 23, 2022.

One Punch Man Chapter 175 Release Date?

Chapter 175 will be published around December 2nd, 2022. The manga roughly follows a bimonthly schedule, so you can expect the next chapters in the last or first week of November and December, respectively. So keep eye on your favorite channels.

Where to Read One Punch Man Chapter 175

The latest chapter can be read in one of two different ways. The first is to look at fan translations that appeared on the internet a day or two after the manga was released in Japan. second option is to visit the Viz website and read the official translations provided there. The website also lets you read previous editions online or offline, depending on your preference.

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