Overwatch 2: How to merge your accounts

How to merge Overwatch 2 accounts

Overwatch 2: How to merge your accounts: Overwatch 2 has hit, replacing the original game, and is looking to revamp the excitement for this hero shooter entirely. Now a free-to-play game, Overwatch 2 boasts plenty of new features like a battle pass system and full cross-platform support. That means that anyone can enjoy this game regardless of which system they wish to play on.

Now, while Overwatch 2 allows you to carry progress from one platform to the next, it isn’t as simple as just starting the game. You first have to go through the process of merging your accounts to utilize this cross-progression feature. You’ll be forced to make a Battle.net account when starting the game, assuming you didn’t have one already, so some of the work is already done. However, the game won’t explain the rest of the steps. Here’s how you can merge your accounts in Overwatch 2 to keep your progress synced up no matter where you play.

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How to merge Overwatch 2 accounts

How to merge Overwatch 2 accounts
How to merge Overwatch 2 accounts (Image via Overwatch)

Before beginning the process, understand that you can only do this once per platform. This shouldn’t be a problem for most people, but it’s worth mentioning that you can only merge your account to one PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox console. For example, if you have two PlayStations, you will need to choose which one you want your account linked to.

  1. Open Overwatch 2 on the console on which you want to merge the accounts and sign in.
  2. Select the option.
  3. Scroll down and select Link Account.
  4. Use your mobile device to scan the QR code.
  5. Either Sign in or create a new Battle.net account.
  6. Back on the main menu, select Account Merge.
  7. Make sure both accounts are correct and press the respective button to confirm.
  8. You can repeat this process with any additional consoles you wish to merge your accounts into.

You can also un-merge your accounts, which will naturally remove any progress associated with your account from that system. It will also trigger a year-long block on allowing you to link a new account, so only do so if necessary. also read, Overwatch 2: How to Unlock D.Va

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