Minecraft Mob Vote is Live in 2022! Sniper, crook, or tough golem, which mob will win?

Minecraft Mob Vote is Live! Sniper, crook, or tough golem, which mob will win?

Minecraft Mob Vote is Live: Minecraft Live is back in 2022. Again fans are being asked to participate. The Minecraft Live virtual event will occur on October 15th at 5 PM UK time. You can watch the action live and in vibrant color by clicking Expand Play on the YouTube embed below. Mojang will use Minecraft Live Events to announce new features, preview upcoming updates, and, perhaps most importantly, reveal the results of this year’s Mob Vote.

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Join us on #MinecraftLive on October 15th at 5 PM BST to vote for the crowd you want in the game!

How to vote for your favorite mob in 2022

This year, Mojang is doing mob voting a little differently. Instead of voting on Twitter, fans can choose between visiting the Minecraft Live website or playing a particular Minecraft Live map from Bedrock Edition.

Mojang further explains: “Make sure you have installed the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on your device.

Open the game and click on Minecraft Live button in the bottom left corner of the main screen.

First, you decide which Minecraft mob to vote for, then pull the lever to vote.

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