Warframe: How to earn Mother Tokens

Warframe How to earn Mother Tokens

Warframe: How to get Mother Tokens: If you want to rank up with the Entrati Syndicate in Warframe, collecting tons of Mother Tokens is the way to go! In addition to increasing your rank with these tokens, you can also get very valuable items from the Daughter of Necralisk vendor. Earning Mother Tokens is not that complicated, but you should take advantage of the many bounties you can get from Mother. Check out the guide below for all the Mother Tokens and how to earn them in Warframe.

How to earn Mother Tokens in Warframe?

Go to the Necralisk located in the Deimos node and find the mother. Talk with Mother to be given a selection of bounties that will give you Mother tokens after completing them. These bounty challenges have different levels of difficulty and the harder they are, the more Mother Tokens you have a chance to earn. Of course, Mother’s bounties can be repeated, which is the best way to grind and collect a large number of Mother Tokens.

How to earn Mother Tokens in Warframe?
How to earn Mother Tokens in Warframe? (Image via Warframe)

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Check out the list below to see all the different levels of bounties that you can receive from Mother, the number of Mother Tokens that can be earned upon completion, and the recommended level for each:

Tier 1 (12 Mother Tokens): Level 5-15 recommended
Tier 2 (30 Mother Tokens): Level 15-25 recommended
Tier 3 (45 Mother Tokens): Level 25-30 recommended
Tier 4 (85 Mother Tokens): Level 30-40 recommended
Tier 5 (136 Mother Tokens): Level 40-60 recommended
Tier 5 STEEL PATH (150 Mother Tokens): Level 100 recommended

The fastest way to grind Mother Tokens is Tier 5, where if you have a strong enough character, you can get 136 Mother Tokens relatively quickly. The Tier 5 STEEL PATH is probably very difficult and demands a difference in the reward it offers.

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