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Guardian Tales: Now available for free on Nintendo Switch

Guardian Tales: Now available for free on Nintendo Switch
Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales, a mobile fantasy game inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, is now available on Nintendo Switch for free. “Players, called Guardians, will start the game as newbies the day their kingdom is attacked. It will be their job to become a legend and defend the kingdom from powerful enemies.”

If you play or are already registered, you will receive:

  • 100,000 gold
  • 3,000 free gems
  • 100 Free Summons (10 per day)
  • 3-Star Tool (Fantasy Sword)
  • 2 Star Hero (Aoba)
  • A Rose Knight Costume
Guardian Tales Nintendo Switch
Guardian Tales Nintendo Switch (Image via Kong Studio)

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On Switch, you need to check the “Mail” menu in the game and claim the rewards. There’s a single-player story mode, guilds to join, and a customizable premise that lets you “enjoy a variety of food and entertainment” as you play: “Lift heavy boulders, drop explosive bombs, and Overcome incredible obstacles by finding “Treasures!”

Guardian Tales is now available for free on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The launch dates of this game are as follows:

  • 2022-10-04 04:00 CEST
  • 2022-10-03 19:00 PDT
  • 2022-10-03 22:00 EDT

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