Spy x Family: Anya Forger to star in film 18+

Spy x Family: Anya Forger to star in film 18+

Spy X Family – Anya Forger will be seen in 18+ movie! This is correct! The corporation “Ofkos (おふコス)” has announced that it is producing an amateur adult film starring an actress who plays Anya Forger.

The production was announced via a 46-second video that showed the actress wearing the dress in question and shaking her hips. Aavailable here:

In addition, in May they released an amateur film from the same franchise, starring a girl in the cosplay of Your Forger, which cost just 2,200 yen (about $16) and lasted 72 minutes. Maybe Anya’s film also has the same characteristics as this one.

Anya Forger 18+ Movie
Anya Forger 18+ Movie

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Source: twitter

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