Spy x Family Biya as Yor Forger Cosplay

Spy x Family Biya as Yor Forger Cosplay

She is a girl who likes to make and publish very sensual waifus illustrations for various animes, and besides drawing, she also started cosplaying.

The part that makes her fans happier is that Biya also likes to sensualize a little in her cosplay photos, posting photos with bikinis, shorts or short clothes, but she has a strange habit of putting her cell phone right in her face, although she has already shown her face in other photos.

Anyway, Biya decided to get into fashion and cosplayed Yor Forger from the anime Spy x Family, in her standard assassin outfit and in a version with a mega sexy bikini, I’m sure that if Yor goes to the beach, she should wear something very demure:

Spy x Family Biya as Yor Forger Cosplay

Spy x Family Synopsis

The skilled spy “Twilight” is instructed to build a “family” to infiltrate a traditional educational institution. But the “daughter” he finds is a mind-reading psychic! And the “wife” is a murderer?! Hiding their identities from each other, this temporary family must face the dangers of entrance exams and the world in a witty domestic comedy!!

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