Kyockcho Launches Crowdfunding for Maid Kyouiku JAV

A Crowdfunding for JAV by Maid Kyouiku? The hentai mangaka Kyockcho is one of the artists I like to follow the most on Twitter, and I train a lot at the table and how to improve my stroke with his illustrations.

But you know what’s amazing now? It’s just that he, in partnership with the AV producer, started a campaign to create the “best adult adaptation” of his manga Maid Kyouiku” or “Maid Education“.

Kyockcho Launches Crowdfunding for Maid Kyouiku

In the text of the crowdfunding project, the producer of the film says he wants to create the best film possible. He says it’s difficult to get funds for an adult production, and maid clothes are expensive, especially in this manga that has a maid as a heroine.

The producer says that a clothing designer said it would cost 300,000 yen to produce the outfit, and he also wanted to make a Western-style house for the film, but that was also quite expensive and he was shocked. That’s why he asks for everyone’s help to raise funds to produce this film in the best possible way!

What is Maid Kyouiku about?

In Maid Kyouiku, the heroine is the young Rurikawa Tsubaki, a girl who was sold as a maid to work in the mansion of wealthy Poiman, a young boy who “trains” his new maid.

She hates these trainings because it was Poiman who destroyed her family, and that’s why she was “sold” as a maid.

Kyockcho Launches Crowdfunding for Maid Kyouiku R18
Kyockcho Launches Crowdfunding for Maid Kyouiku R18

Timeline and Tsubaki in Maid Kyouiku

According to the campaign, this June they will decide on the entire cast, as well as the production of costumes and filming. The filming itself will take place in July, between August and September they will edit the film in addition to all the preparations and the release is scheduled to take place only in November.

Nagisa Mitsuki as Tsubaki-chan
Nagisa Mitsuki as Tsubaki-chan (Image: Twitter/@nagimitsu_kix)

The actress chosen to play the heroine is Nagisa Mitsuki, who was nominated by the author of the original manga himself! She previously played Nezuko in the adult adaptation of Kimetsu no Yaiba by TMA!

Below is a preview of Nagisa from maid:

Lingerie Used as Campaign Rewards

Nagisa Mitsuki
Nagisa Mitsuki (Image: Twitter/@nagimitsu_kix)

Obviously if you support the project you will earn rewards, among some rewards, whoever donates 35,000 yen will receive the lingerie that Nagisa will use in the filming with an autophagy. Other prizes include the autographed script, poles, acrylic stand, etc.

Azur Lane: Vestibule of Wonders Chen Hai Cosplay

Those who live outside of Japan can help and donate too, but the rewards are a little different from those who are in Japan, such as receiving products censored due to laws.

We will report on this film as soon as images are released!

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