“The Callisto Protocol” Official Release Date, Trailer

The Callisto Protocol official release date

Currently under development by Striking Distance Studios in the United States, South Korea’s Krafton plans to launch a new game The Callisto Protocol” on home consoles such as PC and PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One in 2022, on today’s “State of Play” program The latest film was released in China, and it was announced that this work will be officially launched on December 2, 2022, European and American time.

"The Callisto Protocol" Official Release Date, Trailer

The Callisto Protocol” developed by Striking Distance Studios, the former developer of “Dead Space” and former Sledgehammer Games CEO “Glen Schofield”, was the first to announce that it would be launched as a part of the “PUBG” universe, and later Announced that it will adopt its own independent world view, and is no longer associated with the “PUBG” universe, a single-player Sci-Fi sci-fi survival horror adventure game.

In the game, the stage will be the heavily guarded space prison “Dark Iron Prison” located on the Jupiter satellite “Callisto” in 2320 AD. The protagonist “Jacob” operated by the player is a prisoner in the prison. He must try to escape this death prison infested with monsters known as the “Biophage Live Eater” and unravel the terrifying secret truth behind this event.

In this officially released film, players can not only see the latest appearance of the prison that has become a dead world, but also see the protagonist confronting an enemy who used to be a human but is now a terrifying monster. The latest screen, interested players may wish to enjoy and confirm it now.

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