Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255: Spoilers, Takemichi and Kakucho joins hands to stop Sanju

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255 Spoilers, Takemichi and Kakucho joins hands to stop Sanju

Kakucho and Takemichi decide to work in alliance to stop Sanju in his tracks, and to stop him from murdering everyone in the final chapter. The front row of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255 spoilers is here and they’re crazy.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255

The much awaited and anticipated Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255 spoilers are here.

In the previous chapter we saw that Takemichi and Kakucho join forces to stop Sanju from his evil intentions.

Sanju had boarded a train, and had managed to find a way for the train to start and leave.

Takemichi and Kakucho stand in front of Sanju to stop him, while the chapter ends there.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255: SANU VS KAKUCHO

According to some of the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255 spoilers, leaks revealed that Sanju got off the train to fight the two.

Out of nowhere he drives a katana and challenges Kakucho to a duel with the katana. Kaku took off his coat.

Sanju is trembling in his evil excitement and scolds the elder hunk.

Sanju says “I don’t like you either”

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255

Sanju vs Kakucho Duel Begins

Duel started once in life between same gang member.

Kakucho: come on
Sanzu: here we go!

The two stood carefully face to face, holding each other. Sanju swings the blade at Kakucho, and barely dodges what he sees, but Kakucho didn’t dodge the sword, he was actually hit very badly and Sanju was just confused that Kakucho was so deadly. How managed to fight back even with wounds.

This time around Sanju again Kaku and Kaku punched Sanju. Here I can’t tell who says it, but it’s probably Takemichi’s inner monologue: “Takemichi, right now, they’re fighting for you”

With tremendous combat awareness, Sanju finds Takemichi lethargic and targets him, but Sanju cuts off Kakucho’s arm as he protects Takemichi.

The battle continues as both are traded on the exchanges. It’s not immediately clear who came out on top, but the chapter ends with Kakucho with a crazy smile. “It was not a bad life”.

There are still some things that need to be cleaned up.

What first inspired Sanju to jump off the train, and to face Kakucho and Takemichi in a duel. He could easily run down.

Second, where did he get his katana? Like Takemichi, his theory of being a time traveler overemphasizes this idea.

The third, which came out from above. Did Sanju hold on to his man and cut off the hin like good ol, or did Kakucho manage to ward off the evil one.

The final chapter indicates that Kakucho has survived the ordeal.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255: Leaks Here

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255 Spoilers (1)

Sanzu: I’ve been here many times since the final battle was decided here. Then I came up with a plan. I am planning to kill everyone.

Sanju takes his katana and intends to cut Takemichi but Kakucho immediately defends Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255 Spoilers (2)

Sanju: I have nothing to do with enemies or allies. Everything is noisy except Mickey. I won’t let you get in my way.

Kakucho: Sanzu, you killed Muncho with that katana?

Sanju:… (maybe yes)

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255 Spoilers (3)

Kakucho: When I was in third grade, my family and I were involved in an accident. Everyone in my family died and I was the only one left. I threw out my last name. I wanted to be alone but I met Izana. Takemichi, now… I’m fighting for you.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255

Tokyo Revengers chapter 255 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers will be back with chapter 255 on June 01, 2022.

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