Tokyo Revengers Chapter 257 Spoilers: Sanzu Haruchiyo Time Leaper Too!

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And it finally happened! Sanzu is a confirmed time Leaper and chapter 256 has just confirmed this fact. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 257 spoilers would give us more information about this big reveal.

Sanzu has always been that person who would do anything to serve his king, Mikey. He has also stated that he will not allow anyone to hurt Mikey.

The following Tokyo Revengers Chapter 257 Spoilers would further highlight this cause.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 256

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 256 of The Tokyo Revengers Behind the Scenes is named.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 257 Spoilers
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 257 Spoilers

Chapter 256 begins with Kakucho assuring Takemichi that he is fine as the injury is not just deep.

However, taking advantage of Takemichi’s anxiety for his partner, Sanzu re-boards the train and figures out how to start it.

He verbally stated that he will never allow anyone to get to Mikey no matter what the cost. The chapter cuts to a flashback to the day or the day after Muto’s murder.

Sanzu’s Determination

Haruchiyo searched for Mikey, who had been cut off from everything ever since he disbanded Toman. Recognizing that Mikey could get rid of him spontaneously, Haruchiyo conveyed his dedication and commitment to him, calling himself his (Mikey’s) ally.

Haruchiyo is freed from thinking about the past again as Takemichi gets on the train. As they resort to a hand-to-hand battle, Haruchiyo says that he didn’t tell anyone about this arrangement and asks Takemichi how he got acquainted with it.

The fight continues

Before Takemichi is forced to reply, however, Kakucho returns inside the compartment and breaks up the fight. He advises Takemichi to focus on stopping the train, but Takemichi can’t find the brake. However, Takemichi get vision that Sanzu will chase him from behind, stabs that katana.

Following this forewarning, Takemichi figures out how to dodge Sanzu’s simple attack, leaving everyone stunned. Sanzu was confused that Takemichi could evade such a perfect attack, concluding that Takemichi might be an epoch Leaper.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 257 Spoilers & Release Date
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 257 Spoilers & Release Date

Sanzu Confronts Takemichi

He asks Takemichi, β€œAre you a time leaper too? showing that there are other time leapers, and Sanzu is both or knows about them.

Kakucho takes advantage of Sanzu’s mess and throws him off the train. He and Takemichi make an honest effort to stop the train. However, Takemichi would be able to stop the train before it hits someone.

The last board of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 256 shows the train moving towards the combat zone as individuals from the two groups jump out of its way.

Tokyo Revenges Chapter 257 Spoilers Expectations

Being a fan has long predicted that there could be more time Leapers besides Takemichi. For a while now, the doubt had fallen on Kisaki, followed by Hanma and then Mikey. In any case, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 256 establishes Haruchiyo as an up-and-comer.

Many fans accept that Haruchiyo has been time-jumping to save Mikey, whom he considers his king, while others claim that Haruchiyo is not the time-Leaper but someone in the loop.

More time Leapers

Some clues show that Mikey may be the time Leaper for certain readers who go so far as to hypothesize if he was the one who pushed Takemichi onto the clue anyway. Takemichi is acclimating to his dreams, and in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 256, he even proposes them for his potential benefit.

Despite his mysterious exit, Takemichi should consider a method to end the battle quickly. On the other hand, the train is almost in the battle zone, and it is not yet clear if Takemichi and Kakucho can save their companions.

Tokyo Revenges Chapter 257 Release Date

Chapter 257 will be out on June 15, 2022, according to the schedule.

Read Tokyo Revengers online

You can read the full Tokyo Revengers manga officially on Kodansha’s website.

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