Vinland Saga Season 2 Big Announcement on 8 June

Vinland Saga Season 2 Big Announcement on 8 June

If you’re dying to hear about Vinland Saga Season 2, an event will reveal what you’re waiting for and more.

This morning, the Vinland Saga anime Twitter account (@V_SAGA_ANIME) announced that details about the second season will be coming soon and that will be through an online event. It will start from 21:00 JST on June 8, which means that we will hear the news on the same day, but at 7:00 according to Mexico City time. “The big announcement is coming soon!” reads the recently posted message.

To the above, he adds “beyond the prologue”. To complement the aforementioned, the director of the first season, Shuhei Yabuta (@yabshu55), made a statement. He began by saying “you are working with the same staff as in the first season, with a deeper understanding of the saga” and ends with “I hope you all enjoy”. Practically, he reconfirms that he will be directing this second installment again.

If Yabuta’s words are taken literally then Hiroshi Seko should return in series composition, and Kenta Ihara should also be handling the scripts. The same should apply to Takahiko Abiru. He was not only in charge of character design but also directing the animation and the team of directors responsible. Someone else who would have to return is the composer Yutaka Yamada.

It is to be imagined that all this and more will enter the scene on the day of the event of the second season of Vinland Saga, which will be available via YouTube. One of the persistent rumors about this new wave of episodes is that instead of Wit Studio, the company that will be in charge is MAPPA. The idea gained quite a bit of steam last May, when a conversation between Shuhei Yabuta and series creator Makoto Yukimura was reportedly leaked.

The fact is that no one had the initiative to record it, so its veracity is in doubt. The curious thing is that so far none of the most well-known informants have corroborated or supported this information. The best thing is that the second season is handled by Wit Studio and is confirmed at the event. We’ll see what happens in the Vinland Saga event.

How Many Volumes Of Vinland Saga Are There?

As of February 2022, there have been 25 volumes published in Japan for the Vinland Saga manga series.
The Vinland Saga series has 8 chapters yet to be released in manga format in 2022, which will be volume 26.

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