5 Most Saddest Villain Deaths in Anime

5 Saddest Villain Deaths in Anime

Welcome to WallpaperAccess.in, and today we’re counting down our picks for 5 Most Saddest Villain Deaths in Anime.

The death of a villain is always the most satisfying moment in anime. It is natural to see a criminal get karma for his crime. However, this does not apply to the five anime characters below.

Despite having committed several crimes, the death of these enemies was tearful. Want to know who the characters are and why? Check out the following reviews!

Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza Momochi And Haku death, Most Saddest Villain Deaths in Anime
Zabuza Momochi And Haku (Image: Pierrot)

Anime: Naruto

Zabuza Momochi is the main antagonist in Naruto’s first arc, Land of Waves. Zabuza himself is an assassin hired by Gato to kill Tazuna. However, his efforts turn more difficult when he has to deal with Team 7.

The past of Zabuza does not attract the sympathy of the audience. However, his loyalty to Haku made his death tragic. After sacrificing his life for Haku and consulting with Naruto, Zabuza eventually realized that Haku was a very precious person to him.

In the end, Zabuza decides to use his remaining power to kill Gato and his allies. On his way to his deathbed, Zabuza asked Kakashi to stay with Haku.


Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Envy (Image: Bones Studio)

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Envy is a fourth Homunculus created by Father. He’s arguably one of the most brutal Homunculus.

Envy is arrogant and always thinks of humans as lowly creatures. He was also responsible for the death of Maes Hughes, the best friend of Roy Mustang.

In his fight against Roy Mustang and his allies, Envy was defeated. Like lust, Envy also burns alive until it returns to its original form. After being surrounded, he finally accepted the motive of his arrogance.

As the name suggests, Actually just jealousy of humans. He knows that man has the courage, spirit, and mercy that other beings do not have. Even though Roy has decided not to kill him, Envy kills himself by destroying her philosopher’s stone.

Obito Uchiha

obito uchiha death
obito uchiha (Image: Studio Pierrot)

Anime: Naruto

Here is another villain from the Naruto series, this time featuring a villain who started the Fourth Shinobi War, Obito Uchiha. Prior to this, Obito was Kakashi and Rin’s partner in Team Minato. However, during the Third Shinobi War, Obito was hit by a rock and everyone thought he was dead.

Obito is later saved by Madara Uchiha. Through the scenario of Rin’s death, Madara uses Obito to carry out his plan. In the Fourth Shinobi War, Obito realized that he was only being used by Madara.

Obito eventually turned around and decided to help Team 7 stop the war. When Team 7 struggles to defeat Kaguya Otsutsuki, Obito sacrifices his life to help them.


Matthew deat (the Ancient Magus' Bride)
Matthew (the Ancient Magus’ Bride) | (Image: Wit Studio)

Anime: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Not too different from Obito, Matthew is also actually a background victim. Matthew becomes a villain after being tricked by a magician. At first, he struggles to heal his wife, Mina, who is ill.

Desperate that their struggles never paid off, Matthew enlists the help of a magician. The witch asked Matthew to make a potion from a cat with nine lives. However, after doing this, Mina dies instead of recovering.

This made Matthew lose his mind, so he killed every cat that came near him. In the end, the cat fought Matthew and killed him. After his death, Matthew’s spirit is trapped in the middle of a lake with Mina, before Chase Hattori helps them on their way to the afterlife.

Ulquiorra Cifer

ulquiorra cifer death
ulquiorra cifer (Image: Studio Pierrot)

Anime: Bleach

Ulquiorra Cifer is the fourth Espada and one of Sosuke Aizen’s allies. Even though Ulquiorra is a cold-blooded villain, he doesn’t really understand the concept of the heart. He doesn’t believe in human feelings so he never feels true love.

At his death, Ulquiorra realized the true meaning of having a heart. This whole time, he was always in a void. Before his death, Ulquiorra extended his hand to Orihime Inoue. However, when Orihime tries to grab Ulquiorra, the antagonist immediately turns to dust.

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Although the above five opponents are indeed evil, it is very sad to see their death. Especially considering that they regret at their death. What do you think about the Most Saddest Villain Deaths in Anime?

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