Kanojo Okarishimasu: Mami-chan stars in the new trailer for the second season of the anime

kanojo okarishimasu nanami Mami

The most loved and hated character was confirmed by Fantasy for the continuation of the story.

This May 28, the official account of the Anime Kanojo Okarisimasu” released a new promotional trailer for the long-awaited second season, continuing the story told in the original manga by mangaka Reiji Miyajima. This preview is starring the character Nanami Mami.

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Apart from the video, a poster featuring Nanami Mami was also shared.

The final Episode of the first season of “Kanojo Okarisimasu”, also known as “Rent a Girlfriend”, aired on September 25, 2020, and is available online on various websites.

Image via TMS Entertainment (Nanami Mami/Rent a Girlfriend)

“Kanojo Okarisimasu” (Rent a Girlfriend) is a manga and anime that published by mangaka Reiji Miyajima in Shueisha’s Weekly Shannen magazine in July 2017. Currently, the work consists of a total of 16 anthology volumes and has an anime adaptation. Which is in broadcast with a total of 12 confirmed Episodes.

Kanojo okarishimasu – official synopsis

In Japan, single people have a new outlet: online services that rent everything, including girlfriends. When Kazuya’s true love for her leaves him, he is desperate to try his luck at this option and wonders how sweet and adorable his recent partner is to him.

Image via TMS Entertainment (Kanojo Okarishimasu/Rent a Girlfriend)

However, he wants to keep their relationship a secret because of a complication: the young woman goes to her university and her grandmothers are in the same house. Also, since they both live next to each other, Kazuya will find out how good the girl is in ‘real life’.

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