7 Strongest Crew Members of Gol D. Roger Pirates!

7 Strongest Crew Members of Gol D. Roger Pirates!

One Piece tells the story of the Straw Hat Pirates’ journey, but we can’t forget the existence of another legendary pirate group, Gol D. Roger.

This group was the first to reach the Laugh Tale. Not only that, but most of the group’s surviving members are still extremely dangerous. Like Shanks, he is a Yonko, or Rayleigh who intimidates the Marines despite his age.

Who is the Strongest Crew Members of Gol D. Roger Pirates in One Piece?

Silvers Rayleigh

Silvers Rayleigh
Silvers Rayleigh

Rayleigh is arguably one of the strongest crew members of the Gol D. Roger Pirates. especially when he was young.

This image of his strength is briefly shown in the anime, where Whitebeard and Roger’s crew fight each other. Rayleigh seemed calm to young Marco’s attacks.

Rayleigh herself has three types of Haki that appear in One Piece. Not only that but there are also signs that you can incorporate the Haki of Haohshoku into your attacks!

Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden, Strongest Crew Members of Gol D. Roger Pirates
Kozuki Oden

Oden is one of the strongest characters in One Piece. The figure who is able to make Kaido fall helplessly in just one moment, is Togen Totsuka (Oden Two Sword Style).

Oden’s status as a member of Roger’s crew is unique. He later joins Roger on a journey and leaves Whitebeard’s group. Oden was one of Roger’s strongest fighters and most useful due to his ability to understand Poneglyphs and even carve inscriptions into rocks.

Scopper Gaban

Scopper Gaban
Scopper Gaban

Gaban is actually mysterious. All we know is that he fought with an axe. However, he was one of the most highlighted members of Roger’s group.

One of Gaban’s most memorable moments was when Roger and Whitebeard’s group fought. Gaban stands next to Rayleigh as if to show that he is equal to Rayleigh.

I’m curious, what happened to Gaban after Roger’s group disbanded?

Douglas Bullet (non-canon)

Douglas Bullet, Strongest Crew Members of Gol D. Roger Pirates
Douglas Bullet

On paper, Bullet should be one of the strongest crew members of Gol D. Roger’s Pirates.

A strong man who has mastered three types of Haki and achieved awakening. Not only that but he is said to be as strong as Rayleigh. When he went berserk in the past, he needed Buster Call to deal with this one person.

problem? His character only appears in movies. He is not considered in the manga version. (non-canon character)

In that sense, Bullet’s power also feels strange. Although he is as strong as Rayleigh, it seems that the advanced versions of Haoshoku Haki (Supreme King Haki) and Busoshoku Haki (Armament haki) cannot be used. It may be because this power was not explained by Oda when Stampede was released.

So this Bullet feels like Shiki. He’s actually a very strong character, but he comes on too early and his potential strength isn’t optimal.

The difference is that Shiki is considered official by Oda.

Nekomamushi Mink

Nekomamushi Mink
Nekomamushi Mink

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi briefly join Roger’s journey before finally leaving the ship and returning to Wano Country with Toki Kozuki.

Cat Viper is currently one of the strongest mink. Considering Mink has been able to fight since he was a kid, that’s an achievement in itself. Being the strongest mink meant it was extremely dangerous to deal with.

The problem is that even an adult Nekomamushi would have a hard time-fighting Kaido. This makes it feel like it’s still below numbers like Rayleigh and Oden.

Inuarashi Mink

Inuarashi Mink, Strongest Crew Members of Gol D. Roger Pirates
Inuarashi Mink

Inuarashi’s situation is similar to that of Nekomamushi. They joined the Oden journey from Whitebeard’s group to Roger.

When they joined Roger’s group, they also underwent mink training and samurai training. Unfortunately, Inuarashi went down with Toki at Wano, so the two of them never learned the secret of Laugh Tale.

Young Shanks

Young Shanks (Kid), Strongest Crew Members of Gol D. Roger Pirates
Young Shanks (Kid)

little Shanks seems to have been a student in Roger’s group. Therefore, he may still be below others when it comes to strength. But when we find out that Shanks’ power has grown, he becomes the future emperor!

That’s the Strongest Crew Members of Gol D. Roger Pirates! do you agree? Let us know in the comments!

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