One Piece Chapter 1070 Raw Scans, Strongest Humans, Reddit Spoilers

After Dr. Vegapunk revealed new information about Devil Fruits in the final chapter of One Piece, many are excited for the series to continue. Many are excited about the continuation of the series. One Piece Chapter 1070 Spoilers and Raw Scans have been shared online on reddit, revealing Luffy and Lucci’s ongoing battle and Devil Fruits.

In chapter 1069 preview, Rob Lucci and his CP0 team have come to Egghead Island to kill Vegapunk. After Lucci attacks Atlas, Luffy and Lucci get into a fight and Luffy finally transforms into his Gear 5 form.

Now that Lucci has also attacked and injured Sentomaru, Luffy finally gets serious about confronting his past enemies in chapter 1070 entitled The Strongest Human.

One Piece Chapter 1070 Raw Scans

Short Summary by Redon

Chapter 1070 tittle “The Strongest Man”

  • The chapter cover shows five scientists – Caesar, Judge, Queen, and Vegapunk – and another unknown woman who has come together for the future of humanity and the world. (She looks like Stacy, since we can only see her back).
  • The chapter begins with Luffy apologizing to Sentomaru for distracting him before Lucci’s attack. Sentomaru replied that he had let his guard down when he saw Lucci’s attack, so he shouldn’t look down on him. However, I still can’t stand Lucci’s attack.
  • Seraphim Attack CP0: S-Snake attack that uses the power of Mero Mero no Mi (Boa Hancock DF). S-Shark punches the floor turning it into waves and S-Hawk uses his sword. The CP0 agents attempt to fight the Seraphim, but are easily defeated. Stussy and Kaku do not participate in the fight.
  • S-Snake shows Jinbei and Chopper the location of the vacuum rocket and the correct path to reach it. Jinbei praises for being nice, S-Snake blushes at him and becomes very tsundere (she speaks like the real Boa Hancock).
  • Luffy vs Lucci continues. Since Lucci cannot attack him, Luffy has a fighting advantage.
  • Cut to the lab where Nami and others is still with Vegapunk. Vegapunk says the Seraphim are the pinnacle of science that he created and that’s why they’re the strongest humans in the sea.
  • However, Vegapunk cannot guarantee that the artificial Devil Fruit will be able to awaken and provide information about the Devil Fruit.
    • Zoan is currently the only one that can be made right now. Vegapunks can also create mythical zoans, but they require a huge amount of money and time.
    • To create Paramecias, Vegapunk use the actual user’s “lineage factor” to create an enhanced “Green Blood“. All seraphs have “green blood” running through their arms.
    • • And about Logias, he said that Vegapunk did their best to create them, but they are very difficult (Vegapunk says nothing about Kizaru’s fruit in this chapter).
  • Back in the fight: Luffy uses ‘Gomo Gomo no Dawn Whip‘ (Gum Gum White Whip) and then luffy attacks Lucci with “Gomo Gomu no Dawn Rocket” (Gum Gum White Rocket) as seen on the Jump Festa 2023 page.
  • Lucci coughs up boood and thinks to himself the same lines Luffy thought when Luffy attacked him with G3 in Enies Lobby.

Lucci: “…!! Consciousness fades…”

Lucci is blown away by Luffy’s attack.

  • Sentomaru tells Luffy to go to the vacuum rocket and help Dr. Vegapunk. Chopper also tells Luffy to hurry up and go with him if he wants to save Atlas. Luffy also went to the the lab with them.
  • Go back to lab. Vegapunk tells Nami’s group that they will go to the sea together and can see the reaction of the crew.Nami is nervous because it will be a big burden. Keep telling me to unlock it. Franky wants Vegapunk to check out Franky Shogun and Thousand He Sunny.
  • Luffy and the others arrive at the research lab (haven’t met Nami and the others yet). Bonney regains her consciousness and heads for Vegapunk again. No news from Zoro and Brook in this chapter.
  • In the city of Egghead, we can see Lucci with some bandages. He now has “control authority” and directs all four Seraphim.
  • On the last page of the chapter, we learn that Kizaru leads a fleet to Egghead Island.
  • Kizaru: It would be easy for the Straw Hat Pirates to take Vegapunk out of the island…but things don’t go as planned!!

There won’t be a chapter next week because it’s a holiday, but spoilers will be posted as usual.

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