Blue Lock Chapter 204 Full Plot Summary and Spoilers

Blue Lock Chapter 204 Full Plot Summary and Spoilers

Most of the fans are interested in the Blue Lock Chapter 204 release date, Full Plot Summary, Leaks, Raw Scans, and Spoilers. In this article, we announce the release date of Blue Lock Chapter 204.

Here is everything you need to know about Blue Lock Manga Chapter 204.

Blue Lock Chapter 204 Raw Scan

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Blue Lock Chapter 204 Full Summary and Spoilers

Full synopsis of Blue Lock chapter 204 titled “Comrades in Arms” has been provided by twitter user Rayuga.

Raw scan:

  • Blue Lock Chapter 204: “Comrade in Arms
  • “The striker who used up all his desperate efforts! When he woke up,
    there he is…”
  • After fainting on the field, Isagi woke up, lying on Noa’s bed in Germany’s Master Striker Room. There is Noel Noa pouring hot water on his drip coffee. Noa asked Isagi, “Got your fuel back? You ran out of gas.”
  • When Isagi tried to sit up, his whole body hurt. Noa said that he slept in for 10 hours, it was vertigo from exhaustion. Then Noa asked Isagi if he wanted water or coffee. Isagi said water and Noa poured him some on a mug. Noa asked him how it was beating Kaiser and gave him the water.
  • Isagi got some flash back on the game when he passed the ball to Yukimiya and when he grabbed Kaiser’s collar. Their conversation continues.
  • Isagi: …Yeah. For a moment… I’m certain…
  • Noa: I see, what’s next then?”
    Isagi gulped down from the mug and replied. Noa is standing, sipping his coffee.
  • Isagi: I’ll beat Kaiser with my ‘goal’!
  • Noa: …OK. Can you put your method into words?
  • Isagi: Yes! I see it! I think I have a new way of using my eyes and brain after that game… It’s Metavision!
  • Noa: Metavision?
  • Isagi: How do I put it… I can see the whole field from my peripheral vision… it’s a way of looking at the field from a bird’s eye view, making decisions and reading through the flow of the game… but it’s not enough… I realized that each player has a “sense of protagonism”! and if I crush it, I can lower their performance level! On the other hand, if I can link that “sense of protagonism” with my allies, we can create a chemical reaction, can’t we? Kinda like that… Ah! Sorry, I haven’t quite got it all together yet… I’m talking too much…
  • Noa: No, it’s good. Continue. I want to hear your theory. Noa sat on a chair. Isagi is overjoyed that Noa is willing to hear him out. Isagi continued.
  • Isagi: With that feeling, I think I was able to win against Kaiser for just a moment. So next time, I’m going to train the skills I’m missing. I want a ‘goal’. Next time, for sure!
  • Noa: …I see. That’s why he chose you.
  • Isagi: Huh?
  • Noa: That same kind of thinking and soccer theory… that I heard from a moron who was a former teammate of mine over 10 years ago. He is my first rival in life. The worst soccer freak I ever met and now, that crazy bastard who created ‘Blue Lock’… Jinpachi Ego.
  • Isagi was too shookt.
  • Isagi: How are you related?
  • Noa: We’re just “comrades in arms”. I’m the best in the world now, and he’s obsessed with the world’s best. He’s a ghost, though. (E) ht/can both mean “obsessed with or possessed by something”) Isagi monologue: Noa and Ego… are former rivals!
  • Noa: Also… while you were sleeping, there was the next annual salary bidding auction. This time, there are 20 people that got offers in Blue Lock. Here’s the latest valuation rankings… The rankings flashed on the huge screen in front of Noa.
  • Noa: Since there are variations in the number of games played by the teams, it should be considered a tentative. Team France didn’t have a match this time.
    • 20 Karasu -12M
    • 19 Hayate -13M
    • 18 Darai -16M
    • 17 Sendou -17.5M
    • 16 Shidou -20M
    • 15 Otoya – 22M
    • 14 Niko -23.5M
    • 13 Kurona -24M
  • Isagi thought, “Even Kurona got in…” “Alright!”, he said.
    • 12 Aryu -25M
    • 11 Aiku -27M
    • 10 Gagamaru -28M
    • 9 Yukimiya -29M
    • 8 Chigiri -30M
    • 7 Rin -36M
  • Noa continues.
  • Noa: Those who played in the games and those who scored goals are highly rated but that’s not the only criteria.
  • Then the 6th ranking player appeared on the screen. It was Reo who got offered 40M, by the club, “Ars” (which obviously Arsenal)
  • Noa: Those who created a lot of opportunities and dominated the midfield, some club teams value that. Blue Lock’s intentions aside, this market isn’t just for finding strikers.
  • Isagi’s mind is focused on what would be his ranking.
  • Noa: From here, would be “Blue Lock’s TOP 5”. First up is the 5th placer, Kunigami Rensuke. His physicality and dueling ability to snatch away goals in any way is highly regarded. The bid made for him was 47M, almost double from the previous 27M. And the one who surpassed Kunigami Rensuke and won an offer that was about three times from the previous, the 4th placer, is you, Isagi Yoichi. With a 50M bid price. Moreover, the offering club is “Bastard Munchen”, it’s the same amount as Ness.
  • Noa said the general comments from the foreign media like, “Positioning, interception, passing, combination. He was the most dangerous player on the field in every aspect.”, “The next generation Modric is here”, and “The heart of Blue Lock is really Isagi Yoichi”.
  • Isagi is delighted and says his thanks to Noa. Noa then proceeded to the TOP 3.
  • In 3rd place, Bachira Meguru with a bid of 66M, offering club is FC Barcha.
  • Isagi thought that Bachira’s offer was much higher than before. Noa continues talking.

Blue Lock Chapter 204 Release Date And Time

The release date for the popular manga Blue Rock Chapter 203, is going to be released on Wednesday, January 24, 2023, at 12:00 JST. Release times vary by region. Below is a list of releases by region.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8:30 AM
  • Central Daylight Time: 10:30 AM
  • Indian Standard Time: 6:00 PM IST

Blue Lock Chapter 203 Recap

Blue Lock Chapter 203 Recap
Blue Lock Chapter 203 Recap (Image: Kodansha)

The long-awaited Blue Rock chapter 203. The match against the Munich Bastards continues while the postponement of the year-end and New Year holidays continues. But in all of this, Isagi has learned new skills, her eyesight is better than before, and he can move people at will. However, he finds himself to be the third person to acquire this skill. The first one he saw was Sae Itoshi, and the second was Kaiser. To make matters worse for Isagi, Meta vision takes a toll on her body like no other.

Where To Read Blue Lock Chapter 204 Online?

You can read the latest chapters of Blue Lock Manga Chapter 204 on the official website of Kodansha.

If you have any questions about Blue Lock, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Stay tuned, For more content follows as on Twitter.

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