One Piece Chapter 1070 Vegapunk Explains Artificial Devil Fruit

One Piece Chapter 1070 Vegapunk Explains Artificial Devil Fruit

One Piece Chapter 1070 Full Summary And Spoilers were released on Wednesday, December 21.

In Chapter 1070 of One Piece, Dr. Vegapunk also explains how Seraphim can have artificial Devil Fruits and what the creation process is like. Among other things, fans are raving about this latest issue of author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda’s 25-year Odyssey series.

One Piece Chapter 1070 Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1070 Dr. Vegapunk Explains More About Devil Fruit

One Piece Chapter 1070: The Strongest Humans.

The chapter cover features five mad scientists, all armed with MADS guns. Including Vegapunk, Queen, Judge, Ceaser, and a woman believed to be Stussy.

One Piece Chapter 1070 begins right where Lucy left off in the last chapter, with luffy apologizes for distracting Sentomaru and is worried for him. he says he saw Lucci’s attack coming, but couldn’t dodge it.

in the next panel, where Franky is shocked to learn that S-Shark has the same Devil Fruit powers that Señor Pink of the Donquixote Family had. Franky thinks Señor Pink is dead because Pink’s Devil Fruit power is possessed by S-Shark. vegapunk says that Señor Pink is still alive and imprisoned in Impel Down.

Dr. Vegapunk then explains that only Zones can reliably replicate Devil Fruits. he says, if he had the money and time, and All Devil Fruits could be recreated. he says it’s unconfirmed whether these duplicates will Awakened.

Dr. Vegapunk continues to expand the process of recreating Devil Fruits and has tried every possible approach to Logia Devil Fruits, but says they are “difficult”. He emphasizes that recreating the Paramecium Fruit is as easy as obtaining a lineage factor. From there, he can transfer abilities to others. Create unique type of blood.

This “green blood” is what allows the seraphim to pass through their veins and use devil fruits that are imbued within the green blood. As Dr. Vegapunk explains this, various Seraphim are seen using Devil Fruit abilities. Dr. Vegapunk claims that, to the best of his knowledge, Seraphim are the pinnacle of science in the history of the world.

The Straw Hat Pirates were shocked at this information, and each reacted differently to this aspect of Seraphim’s existence. Sentomaru eventually escapes as the former two continue their fight. However, Luffy is having a fun time in his Gear 5 form, infuriating Lucci even further beyond not being able to hit a singel punch on luffy.

Luffy uses a new technique called Gum Gum Dawn. Based on his comments after this attack, this seems like Lucci knocks unconscious. Meanwhile, the rest of Luffy’s group is directed by S-Snake to the escape rocket. Chopper calls out to Luffy and Sentomaru warns him to avoid boarding at the last minute and says he will leave Dr. Vegapunk in Luffy’s hands.

Luffy says he’ll take care of it when the rocket picks him up and launches, prompting Bonnie to wake up and ask where Dr. Vegapunk is. When she came wake-up, she looked at Luffy and asked who he was, prompting Jinbei to say that he would explain the details later. One Piece Chapter 1070 then sees CP0 discussing the recent battle, with Kaku cursing Sentomaru’s betrayal.

Meanwhile, Stussy reminds Lucci that he was instructed to wait until the Marines arrive. Lucci counters that the Straw Hats will escape if they wait, and Nami and Usopp ask Dr. Vegapunk if CP0 really intends to kill them. Nami eventually decides that Dr. Vegapunk should also be eliminated, Usopp tries to calm her down, and Dr. Vegapunk thinks their arrival must have been fate.

In the final page of One Piece Chapter 1070, Nami’s group is pleased with the fact that Dr. Vegapunk will aboard Thousand Sunny. Meanwhile, it seems that Luffy and the others are being transported to an Atlas treatment facility. It was here that Bonnie set out to find Dr. Vegapunk, saying she still needed her answers and that she might have no choice but to kill him.

Meanwhile, Lucci orders the CP0 agents to block all escape routes from the island, believing there are still six Vegapunks left that need to be eliminated. He also comments on how strong the island’s defense system is before chapter cut to Kizaru on the way to Egghead Island.

He pondered the current situation and decided to stop the Straw Hat Pirates by sending “as many warships as possible toward Egghead“. One Piece Chapter 1070 ends here, with next week’s holiday break announcement.

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